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Uses for smoked salt, pepper?

Someone sent me a jar each of smoked salt and pepper, which I have never used before. They smell very strong so I don't want to overdo it. Should I just used them as a dry rub for meat/fish?

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  1. i would use it to add smoke flavor to home-made bbq sauce.


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    1. use them to flavor a good tuna salad made with olive oil packed tuna, capers, a little minced red onion or shallot, and lemon juice.

      1. I have some wonderful smoked salt that I've sprinkled on slices of fresh mozzarella and tomatoes, yum!

        1. I like smoked salt on salmon, as a dry rub. It complements the fish quite well.

            1. I used them on roasted vegetables - delish!

              1. smoked salt is a great finishing salt for anything off the grill or oven roasted. The spice shop I work in carries 3 different types with varying degrees of smokiness. You can generally gauge the potency by the color. We carry Chardonnay Oak smoked which is lightly colored and a touch fruity and an alder smoked which is a tad darker and great on fish. Then there's the Black Smoked being the strongest, it's easy to overpower a dish. Just a very few grains, 7-10 are a great visual/flavor addition sprinkled on an omelet or frittata.

                1. You have it exactly right. They would work great in a dry rub, along with other spices. I've never used smoked salt and pepper, but I have used smoked paprika. I love it in my pinto beans/green chile/chipotle pepper/smoked hamhock recipe. Gives it a nice spicy, smokey flavor.

                  1. What a timely post! I went to a dinner party two weekends ago, and the hostess wanted to find a way to serve a Danish smoked salt that she had recently purchased. She served it (along side a pink hawaiian sea salt) as an accompaniment to whole (peeled and chilled) hard-cooked quail eggs. It was both novel *and* delicious!

                    Here's the Danish smoked salt that my friend had: