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May 4, 2008 06:28 AM

Mai Bai in Manchester shut

Hey, just noticed that this cute little sushi and noodle joint near the town hall is not open anymore. Anyone know if they moved, or have just shut down?

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  1. bummer. and yo sushi and tampopo still open to supply the general public with overpriced slime on a colouerd plate. no thanks.

    it has been said that only the good die young and thats why you never see an old estate agent.

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    1. re: pecandanish

      Speaking of Tampopo, when I was last in the Trafford Centre, I noticed that its old location was being "done up" for a new noodle place. Can't recall its name but I'm sure the sign said they had a branch in the city centre and also one "dahn sarf" somewhere. Anyone know what it is and, more to the point, is it any good?

      1. re: Harters

        That's weird - we just ate at that Tampopo a couple of weeks ago (my daughter loves it, but I'm not that keen myself.) Had it just moved there next to Barburrito? There are a couple of noodle places in the city centre but neither of them are very high-profile...

        1. re: Yankunian

          Yes, Tampopo moved fairly recently into that strip that used to house Shere Khan and an overpriced and underwhelming Italian.

          I think I've found the name of the place that's now in the old Tampopo spot - "Rice". With branches at Selfridges in the city centre and on Piccadilly. Looking at its menu, it can't make it's mind up what it wants to be . Probably not a good sign.

          1. re: Harters

            Oh, Rice. Rice has been at Piccadilly gardens for a couple of years now - in that weird concrete bit opposite caffe nero. I've eaten there a few times but found that no matter what you order, it generally tastes pretty much the same.