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Delices de Dawn: Experiences? YOUR Favorite?


From all around this site, the rave reviews for these desserts are unanimous. Best Cake/Cheesecake on the island.

Now for those of you who have actually tasted those wonderful things, which is your favorite?
I'm hosting a little celebration this week (12-16 people) and will order 3 (Hopefully there'll be quite a bit of leftovers hehe)

Right Now I'm leaning on 3 of these 5 choices:

THE EUPHOREO (Oreo Cake- BIG Oreo cake fan here.


THE OREO CHEESECAKE (Won't take 2 oreo-themed ons. Either one of the other. The question is...which?)

THE PLAIN CHEESECAKE (Thoughts? Never actually had a normal non fruit-glazed cheesecake haha)



Any experience with these? Impressions? Perhaps another Dawns favorite?

Please share. :)

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  1. I have tried a few cakes from Delices de Dawn at various parties over the years and have found them all to be overly sweet. IMHO they would all benefit from about a 20% - 30% reduction in the amount of sugar used.

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      Interesting. I'm of those who like their cakes sweet so it may not be too much of a problem, considering their reputation for yumminess. Which cakes from there did you try, may I ask? Did you have a favorite (sugar content not withstanding)?

    2. For sugar/chocolate lovers, I have to say the best one I had from Dawns was the Typhoon. But we had to have tiny pieces it was so rich! So we fed 12 ppl with this one cake.
      I have also heard good things about Java Java - personally, I don't care for Tiramisu and this cake is a variation of it.
      I also liked the old fashionned chocolate cake - but the shavings make it quite the mess!

      mmmmmm, now I am totally craving cake!

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        Huh- do you know if they provide the cakes for Calories? I was just there on Saturday and bought a piece of Java Java and saw a Typhoon cake. I got the Java Java for my husband and he found it way too sweet (which goes with what another poster said).

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          It's possible, haven't been to Calories in a long time. It's true, their cakes are sweet, that's why you only need a small piece.

      2. How does one purchases only a few cakes let alone one? The website states that you can only purchase 150 (1 pallet) at a time.

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          The website doesn't advertise it but they sell individual cakes. You just have to call or email and place your order 48 hours in advance, and then pick it up/pay or have it delivered/pay.

          Unfortunately they don't deliver everywhere :(

        2. I have never tried their cheesecakes, but for our annual xmas pot luck lunch for the past 3 years one of my colleagues has brought Stairway to Heaven, Typhoon & Decadence. Being a chocoholic my favs were Decadence, Typhoon then Stairway - a small piece goes very far since their cakes are so decadently rich. Your best way to judge would be check out some restaurants that sell individual pieces of cake, try a few varieties & then decide. I don't envy you since I would have a very hard time deciding faced with so many choices.

          1. the oreo cheese is delicious, boomer. you know you want it.

            their carrot cake is also superb.

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              Really? I'm a bit iffy on Oreo Cheesecakes after trying the one from that bistro at the Pepsi Centre. It's good in concept but that was a bit bland.

              I have no other limited experience with O-cheesecakes, so would you say that this one is better than the avg or are you recommending it based on your liking of Oreo cheesecake in general?

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                It's the only oreo cheesecake I've had, I worked at a resto that carried it long ago.

                I like the dark cookie crust. I like their cheesecake filling, and there's a good amount of oreo cookies in the cake. the chocolate ganache on top makes for a non-bland cake, IMO.

                you ask a lot of questions for someone who really wanted an oreo cake :)

                oh, and the oreo cheesecake is only on the English page of their site..

            2. I ran a couple of restos awhile back. We used DdeD quite regularly. Of course things change, but they did deliver (I'm talking 3 years ago) with a minimum nowhere near 150 (we'd order 10 or 12 at a time, but we were also on a delivery guy's route home). Generally, they were pretty good and you can call them up and ask for info on where you can try some of their products.
              Just a few thoughts, sweetness aside (I'm not a dessert guy anyway), always BIG hits with customers were the JavaJava, Raspberry Mango Cheese, and Old Fashioned Chocolate.
              I think DdeD was at one time, perhaps the best cake makers in the area. This created quite a buzz in the industry and their prices went up. Other companies sprung up on their 'heels' as it were with more competitive pricing.
              I've been out of the business for a few years now, but I think many places are ordering similar cakes from different suppliers, depending on prices and product quality. Case in point is the Java Java, a coffee flavored cake. There are perhaps a half dozen cake places we could order from, but none of them came close to the quality of DdeDs Java Java.

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                Thanks Porker!

                - Not a big coffee fan so the Java java is out. Most people there won't be either since its a 50+ crowd and a night event.

                - Is the 'Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake' really that good? It seems like a (good) regular chocolate cake but not that special or...."ooh-worthy".

                - How was the Raspberry Mango Cheesecake in your opinion? Between it and an oreo one?

                THANKS IN ADVANCE TO ALL.

                (I know, I know, I'm researching this A LOT lol but at 45$ the cake and 5 cakes for the party, it ain't exactly a box of Betty Crocker. )

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                  Wow, the Dawn's Desserts cakes now cost $45 a piece! It's been a couple of years since I last ordered cakes directly from them.

                  1. re: BoomerKid

                    Again, I ain't the big dessert guy, but yeah, I'd agree with your assesment on the Old Fashioned: its a good, basic, chocolate cake, without a definite WOW factor (I think there's something called Death by Chocolate which I think Queue de Cheval served - again, its even been awhile since I've visited that joint- which may have a wow factor).
                    Raspberry Mango vs Oreo? In my opinion, they're two very different cakes, one being a chocolate cake and the other being fruit flavored cheesecake. I would maybe suggest the Raspberry Mango as I think it would appeal to a wider audience plus your repertoire will most likely include other, standard type cakes anyway.
                    BTW you may check out Yiangelo on Newman in LaSalle. While we were in operations, anyone could walk in off the street to buy a cake or two. They're cheaper and have quite a wide variety, but again, quality may depend on specific cakes (some better at DdeD, others similar at Y, but cheaper, etc).

                    1. re: porker

                      For the record, here's my final tally:

                      BEST: Oreo Cheesecake (Simple but pretty close to perfection. Tasty, creamy and the perfect balance between 'oreo' and 'cheesecake' taste)

                      WORST: White Chocolate Brownie Cake (Check the website...looks good right? Creamy and close to culinary art? Well it is all these things. A picture perfect cake. Problem? Little to no taste. Bland and heavy and certainly not worth the price of entry)

                2. Not sure whether to revive this thread or start a new one so...will revive. Came across a few mentions of Delices de Dawn a year+ ago on this website and placed an order with them (single item, for delivery to Little Italy) and have since ordered multiple times. In fact I wouldn't go anywhere else for a sweet/dessert other than Dawn's now. Favourites are the Java Java and the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup - the latter certainly LOOKS like a kid's dessert and the little ones I've given it to all loved it, but as an adult with a serious peanut butter + chocolate tooth this hits the spot like nothing else. Seriously, dangerously delicious. Every now and again I order the Euphoreo, especially when people are staying, and saying it is my least favourite Dawn's product isn't an insult. I just don't find it spectacular, especially in comparison with others I've had (admittedly all from specialty cake places, not the supermarket etc.). In general I find their products taste like they've been made with simple, quality ingredients, and they are across the board rich in my experience (a good thing, no?).

                  I will say that I agree with previous comments that the desserts are sweet - but I like this. The Java Java is very sweet in particular.

                  The people at Dawn's are really great about delivering, organizing delivery etc., very kind and competent people. Worth a rave on here, I thought.

                  Try the PB cup!

                  1000 Rue De La Gauchetiere W, Montreal, QC H3B4W5, CA

                  1. Does anyone have her price list?

                    1. Changing my post, just to say that enthusiasm for that type of desserts is certainly not "unanimous".

                      There are so many better things in Montréal!