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May 3, 2008 10:12 PM

Luce Restaurant- Route 100, Somers, NY

I have passed by this restaurant many times and have never heard anything about it. We decided to try it the other night and we were pleasantly surprised. Very good Italian/Continental food and service. Has anyone else dined here?

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  1. I went there about a month ago. It was OK. Probably good for the area, though it didn't stand out to me as being a place I was looking forward to returning to. I think I got shrimp scampi and it was just OK. The sorbets were pretty good though.

    1. Have been twice. First time was a group event with pre-selected menu for the most part. It worked quite well for that situation. Second time was just two couples, the other couple lived in the area, and it was fine but not terrific. If I lived close by, I might go there on some sort of regular basis as a comfortable local spot, but I'm not likely to head up there from White Plains without some other motivation.

      1. We used to go there sometimes when we lived in the area, but haven't been in a year or so. I always enjoyed the food there, as well as in its previous incarnation whose name I can't recall.

        1. The original comment has been removed