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May 3, 2008 09:27 PM

Tons of half and half and heavy cream, need ideas please!

So maybe not tons, but I have two quarts of half and half and 2 pints of heavy cream that need to be used up asap. Looking for some recipes. Bonus points if it is a breakfast recipe (and posted before tomorrow morning) or can be frozen. I already made a desert with the rest I had, but if it's an excellent dessert recipe I'll take it! Thanks!

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  1. Quiche - it can be breakfast! I freeze slices & they make a handy grab-n-go lunch.

    1. Ice cream
      panna cotta
      breakfast strata
      creamy pasta sauce -- alfredo, or w/ sauteed asparagus

      1. You can easily freeze in appropriate sized containers. or make potato soup, or a white sauce for over veggies, use instead of milk in mac and cheese, it will be much richer but once in awhile we all need to treat ourselves to something luxurious.

        1. All manners and types of custards and pies. creme caramel, coconut custard pie, etc.

          1. Cream biscuits are my preference to butter ones.