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May 3, 2008 09:14 PM

valrhona chocolate kosher certification

does anyone know who gives certification for valrhona chocolate.


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  1. As of 2007, it was the Triangle K. I wrote to their public relations rep. to express my disappointment that they did not get a more reliable certification.

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      somethings with triangle k are good like sunmaid raisins and motts apple juice. perhasps, triangle k here is ok as well?

      1. re: koshergourmetmart

        On one hand, I tend to personally agree with you. But, unfortunately, any kosher establishment that I've ever worked at did not recognize this supervision, hence my disappointment.

        I guess it's a personal decison we have to make, perhaps with some rabbinical guidance. In a commercial situation, though, it is in the hands of the supervising firm.

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        I know that it used to be said in many circles that pure chocolate does not need a hechsher. So if many still hold that way, what would it matter if it's under the Triangle K?

        1. re: ganeden


          That's been my experience as well. It would be ironic if slapping an "unreliable" hechscher on something that doesn't need a hecscher would make it de facto treyf in some folks' eyes. :-)

          1. re: ganeden

            assuming it's really "pure". Perhaps part of reliable supervision is to remove the "assumptions"

            1. re: berel

              chocolate bars are not pure chocolate some contain soy lecithin, vanilla and other items. Also, since it is processed from cacao bean until bar there needs to be sueprvision. Cocoa powder does not need supervision if it is pure cocoa powder

            2. re: ganeden

              When you are preparing food in a commercial foodservice establishment, the organization supervising the establishment decides what hechshers will or won't be accepted. And, in many years in this business, I've never come across a mashgiach that will accept this hechsher, for whatever reason.

              The unfortunate thing is that a good deal of Valrhona chocolate is used in foodservice and we can't use this product despite the effort made by Valrhona to go kosher.

              1. re: btnfood

                I found a site that reviews israeli chocolate makers-many have hasgacha and use valhrona

          2. Folks, we'lla sk everyone to review our guidelines for this forum at .

            Factual information on what certification a product has is OK to discuss here, but please avoid getting into discussions of why some certifications are acceptable and some aren't. Thanks.

            1. I know I am late to this question. I recently looked into this for my business.My hechsher would have accepted triangle k on the basis that he states on the certificate that they have seperate facilities for parve and milk however after further investigation and a confirmation from Valrhona themselves they use the same machinery for 'parve' chocolate and the diary. this is a big issue if you want to focus on parve products.

              The main problem with large corporations is that they want all the certifications but dont fully understand the implications of manufacturing to a kosher standard. what is perfectly normal for a non kosher manufacture is not acceptable if you want to have a decent kosher reputation.