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Everyday Eating in Baltimore: Restaurants you frequent in the Baltimore area

Chowser started one of the greatest topics I have come across. The responses are very much dominated by DC area restaurants so I would like to ask the same questions chowser asked, but pertaining to Baltimore.
Let me quote chowser:

"There are many threads about high end eating, or specific types of restaurants but what about places you go to regularly (say, a few times a month)? What places do you frequent, what would you recommend there/not recommend there, what is the price range? Where would you go on a night where you had nothing planned, were too tired to cook and wanted to grab a decent meal?"

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  1. Definitely a good topic! Here are my regular spots. They are all moderately priced, reliable and consistent. No matter how much I like to check out new places, these are the ones I head to on a Thursday night or Sunday where I want something familiar and comfortable.

    1) Owl Bar
    2) City Cafe
    3) Cafe Issis/Egyptian Pizza
    4) Carlyle Club
    5) Dogwood

    1. Minato for sushi
      Iggies for pizza
      Brewers Art for burgers

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        Must amend my previous list. Have recently discovered Ale Marys which replaces Brewers as my favorite burger joint. Didn't think it got any better than Brewers but Ale Mary's burger is PERFECTION. The roll is made into garlic bread, the meat is seasoned well, and the cooking temp is spot on. I love their tator tots too. A total blast from the past.

      2. Note: I live in the burbs (Timonium) which is obviously going to affect my "too tired to cook and want to grab a decent meal" plans.

        Andy Nelson's - BBQ (and more importantly sweet tea) - around $5-$8/pp for everything
        Edo - Sushi - around the same price all sushi is (really depends on what you order)
        Pho Nam - Pho - ~$5-$7/pp (out on rt40)
        Attman's - Corned Beef Sandwiches (and other food too if you really must) - around $10/pp (I'll pick it up after work and drive home with it)

        I also have a lunch spots when I don't feel like trying something new which include: Gia's (Italian - ~$12) and Lexington Market (Good Food - price depends)

        1. We hit the following places with (frightening to our wallets) regularity:
          HON bar
          Petit Louis
          Chiyo Sushi (Mt. Washington)
          and in the past, when they let dogs in, Chesapeake Wine Company, alas, no longer.

          1. We live in Federal Hill, so the lazy go-to places are Matsuri, Dog Pub, and Don't Know.

            1. Atwaters in Belvedere Square
              Brewers Art for the beer, burger and fries
              Al Pacino (now kyro)
              Eddies Mt Vernon for a turkey sandwich
              Never on Sunday for late night drunk munchies
              Yung's for American Chinese
              Tapas Teatro

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                Amethiste, Al Pacino Cafe on Cathedral is no longer? Can you please share any information you know? I'm no longer in Mt. Vernon (boo hoo) but loved going there to chill out and have some shwarma. I loved how warmly the owner/proprieter would always recognize and greet us. I will be sad if he's gone....

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                  Al Pacino is still there. The owners have renamed it Kyro and are starting to franchise. Here is the website: http://www.kyropizza.com/

              2. In the regular rotation:
                Friends - great bar food (amazing nachos) with good veggie options
                El Salto - when we know we have county errands or just really have a craving
                Henninger's bar snacks - Tues or Thursday when Jack is there
                Matthew's for pizza - back in the rotation; not sure why it had dropped off
                Tamber's - when my honey meets me for lunch at work; I can get Indian; he can get a reuben

                Tamber's Indian Amer Cuisine
                3327 Saint Paul St, Baltimore, MD 21218

                Henninger's Tavern
                1812 Bank St, Baltimore, MD 21231

                Friends At Fells Point
                1634 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21231

                Matthew's Pizzaria
                3131 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224

                El Salto
                5513 Ritchie Hwy, Baltimore, MD 21225

                1. Atwater's (by far). Some combination of soup, salad and sandwich for around $25 (or less.) Almost always very good (or better).

                  Ikan Sushi if we are tired of Atwater's or not interested in their choices. Two rolls, two orders of sashimi for a little more than $25.

                  I doesn't hurt that Belvedere Square is really close to home. "If we are too tired to cook" it is likely we are too tired to travel very far.

                  1. We're in Hampden, so our geography is established accordingly. Like everyone else, if we're too tired to cook, we're too tired to drive.

                    Sushi from the Mt. Washington Sushi Hana - sashimi appitizer for eight bucks is enough for light dinner for me, along with miso soup or a small roll; Wife consistently gets the David Roll.

                    Rocket To Venus - shrimp salad sandwich for me; brussels sprouts and a grilled cheese for Wife.

                    Woodberry Kitchen - Burgers for both of us. Twelve bucks each for a burger and fries is steeper than we can do frequently, but we both really like their burger, so we've eliminated all cheaper restaurant burgers and save it until we're REALLY craving one. (We've talked about splitting the burger with fries and some other side, but it never happens.)

                    Golden West Cafe - Turkey, chutney, and brie sandwich with a side of peanut noodles or a salad for nine bucks can't be beat.

                    Ryleigh's Oyster - The only happy hour we really go to anymore. A dozen top-notch oysters and two beers for under twenty bucks before tip. (And then another dozen, and another, and so much for budgeting.....)

                    Other than that, it would be takeout Chinese that isn't worth noting or burritos from Chipotle, to which I have become depressingly addicted.

                    1. Mt Vernon Area:

                      Dyonisus for either light (stiff G&T, mixed salad with strawberries, and cheese plate) or heavy (beer and their awesome white pizza).

                      Al Pacino Cafe for BYOB and shwarma or pizza (though no longer, according to Amethiste, above?).

                      Zodiac for anything I was up for: the best falafel sandwich in town, the mussels diablo, fish special of the day, or their cajun pizza with smoked cheese and caramelized onion (it sounds odd but works very, very well).

                      Minato for great sashimi and pho.

                      Thai Landing for a warm and friendly welcome, and some solid (if overpriced) Thai, including strong-ass Thai beer.

                      Brewer's Art for Resurrection Ale. No food required, since it's a pork chop in every glass. :)

                      Midtown Yacht Club. A lot less ritzy than it sounds. For cold drafts, good bar food, their hot sauce basket, and the best peanuts in town.

                      Glen Burnie:

                      Tokyo Sushi for their spicy rice bowl or all-salmon sashimi. YUM.

                      Fifer's on a weeknight for all you can eat seafood. Get the large steamed clams. They are HUGE, buttery, briny, and iodine-y. I can eat two dozen and ignore everything else on the menu.

                      Bella Napoli for their house chianti (or on Thursdays, 1/2 price wine night, go for the Chianti reserva, it's a steal), their mixed antipasto plate including homemade mozz, and their Pizza Bella Napoli. It's especially grand if you are tucked into the large round horseshoe booth in the corner as a couple (nice and private, lends itself to feeling all googly) and Pasquale, one of the owners, waits on you.

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                        Al Pacino had a name change to Kyro. Looks a lot better, same great food (with the addition of some wacky creative pizzas) and same owner

                        He said they are trying to franchise

                      2. Great thread! I'm in Towson while BF is in Fells:

                        Sushi Hana
                        Kyodai Sushi - not as good IMO as Sushi Hana but BF loves the rotating conveyor belts
                        Pei Wei - yeah, yeah - it's not particularly authentic Asian but it's fresh and hot with some nice flavors + Fractured Prune donuts right next door
                        Last weekend - Tyrone's Chicken (Reisterstown & Cold Spring)
                        Pollo Amigo (north of Towson circle) for peruvian chicken
                        Egyptian Pizza
                        Saigon Remembered (hate their pho, but it's hard to mess up a basic grilled meat on vermicelli dish and summer rolls - plus they're a lot closer than better Viet places in town)

                        FELLS POINT:
                        Taco truck
                        Tortilleria Sinaloa
                        Chicken Rico
                        Rinconcito Peruano

                        Other parts of town:
                        Pho Nam
                        Cici's Pizza
                        Andy Nelson's

                        I'm thinking I need to hit Atwaters given the recs on this thread and its very close proximity (both locations).

                        As I'm writing this list I realize how completely random it is, but as much as I fully enjoy high-end dining, I'm acknowledging that my standby "I'm too tired to cook" places are all pretty cheap eats where "pretty good" is good enough...

                        1. Our most visited for take out:
                          Thai on Greenmount - We're the crazy Americans who like it "thai hot" and they love testing our tolerance. Their Pra and Larb are wonderful.
                          Mari Luna - This is in my neighborhood and is a great place for a cheap (tacos and chile rellenos ala carte) and yummy sunday night take out or lunch at my desk. They have my favorite Ceviche in town.
                          Millers Deli - very baconny BLTs and a fun old Jewish guy vibe
                          Edo Sushi - Some of the best and freshest I have ever had
                          Chiyo Sushi - great for workday lunches

                          Dining in:
                          Peter's Inn - Can't get enough of the great food and decent prices
                          Salt - We just go there for the foie gras sliders and fries. A bit expensive for burger and fries, but it is worth every bite.
                          Atwater's - With a glass of wine from Cru, a dozen oysters from the raw bar and a nice outdoor table it is a perfect weekend afternoon
                          Edo Sushi - same as above....and the restaurant is immaculate (which is not always the case for Sushi places)
                          Iggies - good cheap eats. Perfect for before the roller derby

                          1. I think I'll answer my own question. These are the places that we go to over and over again:
                            Double T Diner Rt 40 E White Marsh
                            Fiesta Mexicana in Rosedale
                            Kitchen of India in Parkville
                            Dominics Pizza (not to be confused with Dominos Pizza) for pizza delivery.
                            Cannella's on Belair Road for subs
                            Chameleon Cafe for special occasions/fine dining.
                            Season's Pizza - delivery (they make good gyros, subs and wraps).
                            Szechuan House in Lutherville - Inexpensive, great staff and good food.

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                              I needed to update the above list. Season's Pizza is not the place with the good gyros, subs and wraps that we get food from - it's actually Giorgio's at 9117 Belair Road - they are the place we like. We haven't actaully gotten food from Season's Pizza in a very long time.

                            2. One Eyed Mike's in Fells has a great everyday menu with daily specials. An awesome lunch spot too.

                              1. Andy Nelson's
                                Double T Diner
                                Bill's Seafood for $1 crab nights on Tuesdays in the spring/summer.

                                1. Wow, dare I say that I think people could eat better?

                                  In Fells Point/Canton, I'd have to recommend Birches as the place I go when I don't want to think but still want good food.

                                  Then, if on a budget::
                                  Eastern House

                                  If not on a budget:
                                  Red Star

                                  If want to splurge:

                                  1. In the county
                                    El salto is also in Parkville and is great
                                    -Troia's cafe in towson is the best Italian- special occasion or too tired to cook
                                    -Mr Bill's Terrace is crabs like they used to be
                                    -No food ( bring your own ) just beer at Racer's in Parkville- two pints of micro brew $5 in a backyard park
                                    -Chameleon on Harford Road- good different but crowded

                                    1. Fed Hill:
                                      Sobo Cafe
                                      Thai Arroy

                                      Roland Park:
                                      Miss Shirleys - I could go there every weekend for breakfast yumm

                                      Yellow Dog

                                      Lunch in the harbor area: Bohemme Cafe, they have really good soups and are a great option if you work in the area of Pratt St. and are sick of all of the chains and typical places that aren't healthy.

                                      1. My regular & affordable haunts....

                                        Sofi's Crepes - sweet or savory options, the Kevin Bacon is my favorite under $10
                                        Ale Mary's - Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding, 'nuf said
                                        Rocket to Venus - try the grits with shrimp & sausage or nicely seasoned sliders
                                        Ledo Pizza - whenever I'm near one I carry out a "half baked" so I can finish baking it at home
                                        Brewers Art - burgers & Resurrection
                                        Eddie's of Roland Park - great sandwiches or fake a home cooked meal with their freshly made entrees and sides
                                        Ann's Dari Creme - Glen Burnie, still the best hot dogs & shakes in the area

                                        Cheers & Good Eatting!

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                                          I'm traveling to Baltimore for the first time next week. It's business travel, staying in the Renaissance Harborplace. What is good and within walking distance or a short cab ride? I'm particularly interested in regional dishes. Thanks!

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                                            Easy walk on a good night to Little Italy...and you can't go wrong with Amiccis, they have a website. Try the restaurant on top of the American Visionary Arts Museum. Not too many tourists know about it. It's on the opposite side of the harbor, but easy walk around the prominade. (its across from the Rusty Scupper). You won't find too many "local" places in the Inner Harbor. Mostly chains, but easy cab rides to Federal Hill, and easy cab ride up Charles Street to Brewer's Art! (Local beers and great atmosphere)

                                            1. re: lcmason

                                              Is the restaurant in the AVAM open again? I hadn't heard anything about it.

                                              1. re: Hal Laurent

                                                According to the museum website, they're still closed as they have been for well over a year, making it an odd choice for an every day eating list. http://www.avam.org/joyamerica/index....

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                                                  For an out of towner, it might be nice, thought it had reopened in the spring....

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                                                Would Brewer's Art have local dishes? I'm thinking crab cakes, etc.

                                          2. Great topic!
                                            Can't say enough great things about Chiyo Sushi in Mt. Washington. Sushi is amazing and the service is outstanding. I am there several times a month. Ask for the Lesley Roll. It's not on the menu, but they will be happy to make it for you! ;)
                                            Other regular stops that haven't been mentioned.
                                            Ye Ol' Mt. Washington Tavern is always an easy bet.
                                            Red Star has great weekday drink specials.
                                            Amicci's is my Little Italy stop...
                                            And Little Havana is a great Sunday brunch place...pitchers of Bloody Mary's, $10!
                                            Also, Thai Landing on Charles has great Pad Thai, and a little peanut app that is to die for, (can never remember what its called).
                                            Great to read other posts, I am always looking for new places to try...Haven't been to Woodberry Kitchen yet, but its on the list!

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                                              My faves are somewhat influenced by my vegetarian wife, but there are a number of great options:

                                              Lebanese Taverna
                                              Mari Luna----great Mexican on Reisterstown Rd.
                                              Mr. Chans---decent Chinese on Reisterstown Rd. with lots of veg options. Try the yuba scallion wrap

                                              Thai Heaven in Catonsville---excellent divey Thai Place.
                                              One World Cafe
                                              Rocket to Venus
                                              Burritos in Fuego
                                              5 Guys
                                              An Loi
                                              Iggies Pizza