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May 3, 2008 08:56 PM

Everyday Eating in Baltimore: Restaurants you frequent in the Baltimore area

Chowser started one of the greatest topics I have come across. The responses are very much dominated by DC area restaurants so I would like to ask the same questions chowser asked, but pertaining to Baltimore.
Let me quote chowser:

"There are many threads about high end eating, or specific types of restaurants but what about places you go to regularly (say, a few times a month)? What places do you frequent, what would you recommend there/not recommend there, what is the price range? Where would you go on a night where you had nothing planned, were too tired to cook and wanted to grab a decent meal?"

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  1. Definitely a good topic! Here are my regular spots. They are all moderately priced, reliable and consistent. No matter how much I like to check out new places, these are the ones I head to on a Thursday night or Sunday where I want something familiar and comfortable.

    1) Owl Bar
    2) City Cafe
    3) Cafe Issis/Egyptian Pizza
    4) Carlyle Club
    5) Dogwood

    1. Minato for sushi
      Iggies for pizza
      Brewers Art for burgers

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        Must amend my previous list. Have recently discovered Ale Marys which replaces Brewers as my favorite burger joint. Didn't think it got any better than Brewers but Ale Mary's burger is PERFECTION. The roll is made into garlic bread, the meat is seasoned well, and the cooking temp is spot on. I love their tator tots too. A total blast from the past.

      2. Note: I live in the burbs (Timonium) which is obviously going to affect my "too tired to cook and want to grab a decent meal" plans.

        Andy Nelson's - BBQ (and more importantly sweet tea) - around $5-$8/pp for everything
        Edo - Sushi - around the same price all sushi is (really depends on what you order)
        Pho Nam - Pho - ~$5-$7/pp (out on rt40)
        Attman's - Corned Beef Sandwiches (and other food too if you really must) - around $10/pp (I'll pick it up after work and drive home with it)

        I also have a lunch spots when I don't feel like trying something new which include: Gia's (Italian - ~$12) and Lexington Market (Good Food - price depends)

        1. We hit the following places with (frightening to our wallets) regularity:
          HON bar
          Petit Louis
          Chiyo Sushi (Mt. Washington)
          and in the past, when they let dogs in, Chesapeake Wine Company, alas, no longer.

          1. We live in Federal Hill, so the lazy go-to places are Matsuri, Dog Pub, and Don't Know.