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May 3, 2008 08:48 PM

Olive Vine- Carroll Gardens

Any report on the Olive Vine that recently opened on Court btw Degraw and Sackett? Is it the same as the one in Park Slope? It's been full the past few nights that we've walked by.

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  1. same olive vine. just ate there tonight, food was good and reasonably priced. i like moustache in the east village a bit more for mediterranean/middle eastern fare, but this was still nice and very inexpensive. it's BYBO w/ an open garden/patio in the back and Scotto's wine shop is right next door. the owner is super friendly; he brought our table an extra plate of babagounuesh when he saw up scraping ours up, and even some free baklava for dessert. i'll definitely be back.

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      How does it compare to Zaytoons or Waterfalls? I think Waterfalls is the best in the general area, but I like Zaytoons' pitzas and go there when I'm feeling to lazy to walk all the way to Atlantic.

      1. re: oolah

        I've only been to the one in Park Slope, but I ahve never been impressed. I much prefer Zaytoons and Waterfalls.

        1. re: prdct

          Do they deliver? I often get Fatoosh when in the mood for this type of fare but could use a switch up every so often

    2. We have had lunch and delivery from there. The food was solidly good, and everyone at our table was happy with their meal- the pita excellent and the food felt a bit less greasy than Zaytoon's (which I love and think is better than Waterfalls). The staff were very nice and the patio in the back will ensure it does well this summer. Free dessert for our table too- always a plus!

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        I endorse the lamb mergeuz. Spicy, good. But the babaganoush was a tad too smoky-flavored for me. Not bad, but I like more tang, and less smoke. If they could serve Zaytoons baba with that lamb in a pita with veggies, we'd have something speciall.

      2. Olive vine has the best lentil soup and zaatar bread in the area. These two items are far superior here than at Zaytoons. Unfortunately I have become so addicted to them that I never order anything else.

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        1. re: SusanGGGGG

          We ordered from there a couple of weeks ago and were very unimpressed. I agree about the babaganoush being too smokey. Also, the lamb sausage and falafal were mediocre and the salad uninspired.

          1. re: Matt M.

            i wasn't impressed w/ the merguez either. i'll have to try the lentil soup the next time i'm there.