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May 3, 2008 08:41 PM

Wedding Gift for 2 Foodies?

I need help! My best friend is getting married next week and I want to find the perfect gift for her and her fiancé. They are both foodies, so I thought it would be nice to give them a gift certificate to either a class or a restaurant. Any great wine tasting or cooking classes? I was hoping to give them an unforgettable experience instead of a boring material gift from their registry. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Excellent idea! We received just that sort of gift for our wedding and we still talk about that meal even though we could have probably purchased an All-Clad set for the price. We did Le Bernadine in NYC and it was one of the more memorable experiences of our trip. Since our friends wanted us to have some flexibiity they just gave us cash in a nice card and told us to have a wonderful restaurant experience on them while we honeymooned. Normally a cash gift is kind of forgettable but we loved it and in this case we'll always think of them when we think of that meal. We also recieved an airline gift certtificate along with another gift certificate for a restaurant in San Francisco from a group of people. We haven't used it yet but that was an amazing idea.

    My advice is find out where they are going on their honeymoon. If it's appropriate for the location then arrange to pay for a meal at a top-end restaurant and let them choose the date and time. If that seems like the logistics would be too difficult, then a gift certificate to a top local restaurant when they get back would be lovely. I don't know your friends so I can't speak to their tastes and I don't know your budget so I can't recommend any restaurants.

    I would stay away from cooking classes if they cook regularly. I enjoy going to those with friends but I walways feel like I could have done just was well with the recipes and some ham-fisted trial and error on my own. If they are really inexperienced cooks then that could be a great idea. I'd recommend the New School of Cooking in Culver City and I'd recommend the Knife Skills Course and a Thai course with Jet Tila.

    1. A restaurant gift certificate is always a very nice gift. You could also do a gift certificate to Surfa's. Foodies can always find lots of things to buy there. I also think a very nice wedding gift is an excellent bottle of wine to be saved and savored on an upcoming anniversary. Something really special.

      1. I don't know how much you plan on spending, but I have to say the Z Club from Zingerman's is a pretty awesome gift. One of my friends got it and we would wait with such anticipation each time she got a shipment. The food items are unique and delicious.

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          Or you can give them a gift card from Zingerman's and just let them choose for themselves.

          Another wonderful foodie gift would be a subscription to a food publication (find out the ones they don't already get.)

        2. My husband and i received the bacon of the month club for a year and loved it, Check out
 hope that helps.

          1. Depending on what you want to spend, I'd get them a GC to Providence (or one of the other LA restaurants with a great tasting menu) in an amount that would cover the tasting menu with wine pairings and maybe a cab ride home. As far as bring gifts from registries- I just have to say that I am getting married in about a week and a half. We've had a lot of friends say they want to get us something "special" and that they don't want to get us something off the registry- "so what do you really want?" Um, yah, I put stuff on the registry for a reason. While it's really the thought that counts, I am hoping I don't end up with a bunch of "sentimental" knicknacks. That being said, a GC to a great restaurant is NEVER a bad idea.