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What to do with left over yolks?

Help! I'm learning how to make meringues and as a result I'm left with a half dozen egg yolks every time try a new recipe variation. Does anyone have creative suggestions on how to use up yolks?

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  1. I freeze them separately in ice cube trays, and then save them in a zip-lock bag once they are frozen. Once frozen they can be used in numerous baking applications or sauces.

    Custards and cheesecake are the most obvious, as is Hollandaise sauce.

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    1. Make hollandaise sauce! I love eggs benny and always have leftover whites.

        1. If you're looking into non-dessert suggestions, I think egg yolks are amazing thickeners for Japanese noodle soups (soba, ramen, udon). Even if you are just making instant noodles, put the yolk in last into the hot soup, let it cook to your degree of liking (it just takes a few seconds to get solid), then swish it around the broth. Nutritious and tasty!

          1. Creme anglaise is a good use, and goes well w/ floating islands if you want to try that kind of meringue as well.

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              Mmm thanks for that suggestion, I had never heard of floating islands before!

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                Oh - they are oh so wonderful - and really quite easy - at least the meringue part, and then once you get the hang of it, creme anglaise isn't too hard either (and if I mess mine up such that there are little egg bits in it, I just strain it!).


            2. If you have an ice cream maker, you can make great frozen custard with six yolks. :-)

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                We think the same. After trying Alton Browns recipe I went out and bought two hand crank freezers – 1 for vanilla, 1 for chocolate. Everybody has a ball churning while the grill is grilling.

                Alton Brown -- Churn Baby Churn 2



              2. heat some chicken consumme or any good clear broth until nice and hot. butter and toast a thin slice of baguette, can melt a nice slice of hard cheese on it if you want. place toast in center of a bowl, place single egg yolk on top of the toast, then pour the hot broth around the toast until it just covers the egg yolk. sprinkle with fresh parsley, fresh ground pepper and drizzle with truffle oil (if you have it). eat immediately (you want the egg to be as soft and runny as possible). yum!!!

                1. Make some soft polenta and put into an oven-safe baking dish. Using the back of a spoon, make an indentation in the polenta and put the yolk there. Dot with butter and top with grated or shredded cheese. I like Gorgonzola but use your favorite. Run under a med-hot broiler or put in hot oven until cheese melts and yolk is barely cooked, still soft. Stir together and enjoy a quick treat. Great with a tart green salad.

                  1. I just made some homemade mayo with my extra yolks (i was making macarons with the whites). I used hazelnut oil and added a bit of cocoa for a really great kind of nutty flavored mayo. Am planning to use with chicken tomorrow.

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                      What an interesting recipe you've formulated! I'm curious as to the the taste 'effect' of the cocoa? Have you made this before?

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                        Hi Ellen,

                        Actually it was the first time I made it! It just so happened that I didn't have enough olive oil so I decided to mix the two. I'd just received a product sample of this red cocoa from some company (I"m a blogger so I get random stuff sometimes) and was reading the label while the mayo mixed. It was sort of a whim that caused me to add the teaspoon of cocoa in. The taste was very nutty, almost a little bitter. I added a bit of sugar to it to balance out the flavors and it worked really well with a grilled chicken cutlet. I still want to play with it a bit more, but it's kind of a cross between a mole and mayo (if you can imagine that...) lol

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                          Sounds really interesting to my taste buds - I think sometimes experiments out of either necessity or the whim of the moment are where we get the best of it.
                          I've never heard of red cocoa?

                    2. Creme Brulee! 6 yolks, 3 cups cream, 1/3 cup sugar, vanilla bean and a pinch of salt.

                      I just joined a CSA and am drowning in eggs this time of year. (They're doubling the egg count since spring is arriving late.)

                      My problem is what to do with the whites. When I'm after the yolks, it occupies my oven so that the whites aren't fresh enough to really meringue well.

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                        With extra whites you can make fantastic financier! So each and really delicious. I have a coconut financier recipe that is just awesome, and I simmer some ginger in the beurre noisette for this really unexpected flavor. I wont' link to it since it's on my own blog, but if you google "coconut financier" you should be able to find it. Dave Leibovitz has a similar recipe too.

                        Another option for old egg whites is Macarons. You actually need two-three day old egg whites for that so your not so fresh ones would be perfect

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                          Yum to both! After this evening, I will finally have time to cook once more.

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                          Mmm, I have to try that - Been wanting to try Alice Waters' lemon frosting where you fold lemon curd into sweetened whipping cream. It would be pretty tasty on lemon or chocolate cupcakes!

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                            It's so yummy. You can use it as a tart filling (just spoon room temp curd into baked tart shells and chill), between cake layers, or just spooned on toast/biscuits/scones. You can also substitute lime for the lemon for lime curd.

                            I've also seen raspberry curd recipes out there, but I imagine the process and proportions will be a bit different!

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                              I took your suggestion and used the curd/whipping cream between a layered lemon cake! I was surprised at how easy and delicious it was to make. definitely a keeper - Thanks!

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                                Wonderful! So glad it came out well. Was the recipe sweet+tart enough? That's always tricky (since each fruit can have varying levels of sweetness)- making sure that the citrus curd recipe you use is well-balanced.

                        2. My vote is for Ice Cream. We made delicious mint choc chip ice cream last week and the egg whites were breakfast the next day.