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May 3, 2008 08:31 PM

What to do with left over yolks?

Help! I'm learning how to make meringues and as a result I'm left with a half dozen egg yolks every time try a new recipe variation. Does anyone have creative suggestions on how to use up yolks?

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  1. I freeze them separately in ice cube trays, and then save them in a zip-lock bag once they are frozen. Once frozen they can be used in numerous baking applications or sauces.

    Custards and cheesecake are the most obvious, as is Hollandaise sauce.

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    1. Make hollandaise sauce! I love eggs benny and always have leftover whites.

        1. If you're looking into non-dessert suggestions, I think egg yolks are amazing thickeners for Japanese noodle soups (soba, ramen, udon). Even if you are just making instant noodles, put the yolk in last into the hot soup, let it cook to your degree of liking (it just takes a few seconds to get solid), then swish it around the broth. Nutritious and tasty!

          1. Creme anglaise is a good use, and goes well w/ floating islands if you want to try that kind of meringue as well.

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              Mmm thanks for that suggestion, I had never heard of floating islands before!

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                Oh - they are oh so wonderful - and really quite easy - at least the meringue part, and then once you get the hang of it, creme anglaise isn't too hard either (and if I mess mine up such that there are little egg bits in it, I just strain it!).