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May 3, 2008 07:52 PM

German Butter potatoes from Pemberton-SEA?

I was up in Whistler last weekend and made the trip up to Pemberton on Sunday when it was raining up on the mountain. We had lunch at a delightful and delicious place called the Pony Cafe. It was there that I learned about Pemberton potatoes. Apparently Pemberton is one of the world's major sources for seed potatoes, and apparently their potatoes are legendary. Well I could not resist, and brought a bag of German Butter potatoes home from Pemberton. These are hands down the best potatoes I've ever eaten, and why I didn't risk bringing more home, I just don't know.

Has anyone ever seen German Butter potatoes in Seattle? For being something as mundane as a potato, well, just, wow.

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  1. I'm not sure, but there is an organic potato farmer who shows up at the University Farmer's market in the fall. She sells many varieties and might just have some.

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      I have definitely seen, bought, and enjoyed the "German Butter" variety from the potato vendor in the U District farmer's market. They are good! If I ate more potatoes, and didn't live so far from the U District, I'd be buying them more often.

    2. I am sorry I can't answer your immediate question, but I recently bought a bag of German Butter potatoes too and thought I might mention that they are not a good choice for potato soup! I now have a large pot of the gloopiest soup I have ever seen, yikes! I am, however, looking forward to trying them cooked in other ways.

      1. I know this is quite some time since you made your post but I was recently at a Planet Organic store in Calgary and picked up some German Butter potatoes...and the are from Pemberton. The farm that they are from does have a website if you wanted to check them out :)

        1. I realize this post is really old- I came across it looking for more information about German butter potatoes. But good news! I just picked some up at Madison Market/Central Co-Op on Capitol Hill!