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May 3, 2008 07:35 PM

Is most truffle oil pure or mixed?

we're in need of some more white truffle oil.the label on the bottle is gone so i can't tell but i was wondering,when you buy truffle oil,is it pure or mostly mixed with olive oil? anything i'm seeing around that's reasonable isn't pure.i would imagine if it was pure,i'd have to pass on this month's car payment.the last time we got some it was a gift so that doesn't help.

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  1. "Truffle Oil" is a combination of some other kind of oil and some truffle flavoring. In most cases, it is Olive oil with "flavors" as my $15.00, 2.11 ounce Tartufo brand bottle reads!

    1. It really depends on what truffle oil you're buying, but in many cases, there aren't even truffles in it, just synthetic "truffle flavored" compounds. Here is a nice resource =)

      Same thing with some vanilla flavorings and balsamic vinegars, they are just flavored liquids.

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        I've had truffle oil with truffle shavings in it, and you can clearly see them at the bottom of the bottle. I think there are very few companies that make it this way, this particular one was actually made in Brooklyn!
        With vanilla etc, hopefully they were "infused" and not just flavored in some artificial way. If you meant extract anyway.