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May 3, 2008 06:15 PM

If the destination was based on food............

Where would you go? We'll be in Seattle end of May 2 nights (near Pike Place) and have 1 add. night to go anywhere within 2/3 hours of Seattle. Love Washington and have been several times. Want to drive to an interesting place based a great or memorable place to eat. Been to the shrimp festival, Snoqualmie (Salish), Mt. Ranier, Cle Elum, Ellensburg, Tacoma, and as far E. as Spokane. Maybe along the Peninsula? Leavensworth? Skagit? or ? Not interested in Bellevue or surrounding areas. Thanks Shari in L.A. :)

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  1. I love Leavenworth! Every season has something special to offer. The last time I was there I stopped by the cheese mongers shop and had great cheese and sausages for lunch. For a really cheezy but worth it side trip you could swing through Cashmere and tour the Aplets & Cotlets factory. It is only 20-30 minutes from Leavenworth.

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      Honey Bee -
      Where in Leavenworth would you stay? So many choices. Going with my S.O.'s sister. (girls weekend!). Anything from cabin to BnB. We're flexible.
      Thx Kitchen Queen

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        I have always stayed at the Enzian Inn They have suites that would accommodate all the girls and they have a good breakfast. It is walking distant to most events. However, I have always wanted to stay at the Run of the River. It is outside of town but is so beautiful.

        By they way, Leavenworth is awesome the entire month of December. They have a month long festival and the whole town in dressed to the nines in Christmas charm. At dusk the town gathers to turn on the lights and sing carols. People are roasting chestnuts and selling spiced cider - it is like a scene from a movie. Rooms book up at least 6 months in advance for the whole month.
        Oops - this blog has nothing to do with food!

        1. re: honeybeepdx

          You are in big, big trouble now......

          1. re: Steve K

            Yeh! Especially since this isn't Christmas! Well, another trip to plan....

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          Pension Anna is the most authentic with a great German breakfast. Don't miss King Ludwig's Schweinhaxen!

      2. Just for the food? Xinhs Clam and Oyster House in Shelton.

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          Stay at Semiahmoo near the Canadian border and enjoy a delicious meal at The Oyster Bar. Haven't been there for a couple of years, but the food in the past has been yummy.

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            Oops! I should have made it clear that The Oyster Bar is on Chuckanut Drive on the way to Semiahmoo! Sorry.

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              Ok firecracker- What a scrumptious menu. I want one of everything!!! But, folks, please keep sending suggestions. I appreciate it!

          2. re: Steve K

            Very viable Steve as I am considering an over night in the Long Beach Peninsula. Thank you. LOVE oysters and clams.

            1. re: Kitchen Queen

              The best way to sample these delectable water filters is to buy a couple of dozen x-small pacific, kumumoto or virginica's at Taylor Shellfish (right around the corner from the Oyster Bar), buy or borrow a shucking knife, go to one of the aged picnic tables overlooking the bay and have at it...or they sell a single use bag of matchlite and grill them open. On your way, stop at Samish Bay cheese and taste all of their wonderfully organic cheeses. Pick up a bottle of bubbly at the corner market before you make your way to Taylor Shellfish. One of my top food experiences period.

              1. re: TacoBusHound

                Your suggestion almost makes me want to get in the car and drive from Central Oregon. Reminds me of Bodega Bay experiences.

                On the subject of Xinh's in Shelton, however, there is much more to the place than clams and oysters. Google xinh's shelton and you will find numerous accolades.

                Maybe we'll get in the car and go to both Xinh's and Taylor Shellfish....

                1. re: TacoBusHound

                  I would normally agree wholeheartedly with TacoBusHound on getting fresh oysters at Taylor, but I just heard last night that Samish Bay has been closed to oyster harvest due to fecal matter. Ick! Hopefully it'll clear up soon.

                  1. re: Freida

                    Thanks Freida..good to know. It seems to be a constant battle with red tides, bacteria levels, etc in most oyster producing regions but this isn't the only place they harvest the oysters and the store at this site will still carry a large variety of oysters and the amazing view. A quick call confirmed that the bay is closed, but they are hoping to hear today and they have plenty of product from their other farms on hand. I plan on making it up there this weekend myself so I was a very interested observer.

              1. re: MichaelG

                I agree The Herb Farm is a fabulous destination. Reservations for an entire season are only taken a couple of times a year and they fill up FAST!

                1. re: firecracker

                  i think reservations are not that hard to get except for special holidays like xmas or valentines day.

                2. re: MichaelG

                  The OP said she wasn't interested in Bellevue or surrounding areas.

                  1. re: Lauren

                    Read the OPs post again. She's definitely willing to travel!

                    1. re: chefguy

                      along those lines, right by the Herb Farm is the Willows, wonderful hotel especially since it's within walking distance of the Herb Farm, just a thought.

                      1. re: chefguy

                        Yes, but she's "not interested in Bellevue or surrounding areas."

                        1. re: Lauren

                          Herb Farm might be exactly what she's looking for. It's not in Bellevue, and it would be ridiculous to count it out based on the term "surrounding areas."

                          1. re: MichaelG

                            I have to agree, I stay away from Bellevue, and I would never put Woodinville in with the same category as Bellevue, just my opinion though.

                  2. Willows Inn on Lummi Island. I haven't been, but that's where I'd go based on what I've heard (and read in Gourmet).


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                      Sooke Harbor house for a food destination. If you take the clipper, it won't take much longer, and the food is worth the journey. Check the Canada board, and I bet they have many threads.

                      or Cave B in Columbia valley has a beautiful inn and food supposedly great. haven't been, but on my list of destination dining to try.