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May 3, 2008 06:00 PM

Jar review - my first time!

I finally went to Jar last week, so I'm reporting back.

Alas ... my camera was out of battery! So no picture :( Sad ...

What we had:

Crab Deviled eggs - The eggs were good, and the amount of crab was somewhat generous. Not generous enough to warrant any special note though, so overall it was not that special.

Lobster Cocktail - The lobster was fresh and delicious, but a bit on the tough side ...
I think the onions they put overwhelmed the lobster taste and the dish would have been better without it ...

Pan Roasted Wild Alaskan Salmon - The piece of salmon was not evenly cut ... so here's how it was: on the thicker end the salmon was undercooked, in the middle it was just right - perfect and oh so delicious in every way! On the thinner end it was a bit overcooked ...
It is too bad that they didn't keep this in mind while cutting/preparing it ....

Braised Lamb Shank - What can I say? This was the best lamb shank I have ever had! The most tender lamb shank ... *drool* and the coriander+star anise sauce was de-li-cious.

We had baked purple sweet potato for the side ... the sweet potato was sweet and yummy, but I don't get why people would put sour cream on sweet potatoes ... That just takes away from the sweetness :(

Jar's signature chocolate pudding - very good chocolate pudding, but I can't say it was something particularly noteworthy.

So overall ... Most of the dishes had kinks, but I would definitely come back here, especially for that lamb shank ... and next time perhaps will try more of the meat dishes.

Any recommendations on what to get next time??


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  1. The braised brussel sprouts are fantastic. Try mozzarella Mondays.

    1. 1. endive ceasar salad

      2. the brussel sprouts

      3. steak of choice with lobster bearnaise.

      4. even the yams are wonderful (and I don't care for those).
      highly recommend all 4

      1. Agreed about the lamb shank!!

        Their famous pot roast is also a must-try.

        1. When available, the shrimp-crab cakes and the tempuraed squash blossoms are both wonderful starters. The mussels on the regular menu are another good starter. For mains, the char sui pork chop, the pork shank, the pot roast, the lemongrass chicken, or any of the steaks. For sides, try her outstanding duck fried rice, the incredible mashed potatoes (lots of cream), the pea tendrils and the excellent fries. Personally, I prefer her butterscotch pudding, a frequent dessert special, to the chocolate--I like it better than the (also very good) one at Pizzeria Mozza.

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          1. re: New Trial

            Totally agree on the duck fried rice and the pea tendrils and especially the butterscotch pudding which has to be one of the best desserts ever, anywhere. I usually get one of the steaks such as the Kansas City, definitely with the lobster bernaise. None of the starters/salads that I've tried have been memorable though some have been good, that's from the regular menu plus specials.

            1. re: Debbie W

              That butterscotch pudding/budino, whatever it is called, is, as Debbie W says, one of the best desserts, ever. However, beware, not always available.
              The pot roast, lamb shank, and any rabbit dish are always wonderful. You say, why go to a restaurant to eat pot roast?
              Well, once you have tried it, you will have your answer - it is not like yours at home, or one a relative of yours used to cook.

              1. re: Debbie W

                I found the mussels to be more than memorable. I get downright cravings for them and it changed the way I cook mussels.

                To the OP: Funny, I much prefer the purple yams with the creme fraiche. Having cooked a few batches of those yams at home I need a little something to cut the sugar. They're dessert sweet without it. Also, try the pork shank next time to mix it up. If you like the lamb shank then I think you'll appreciate the pork.

                That's too bad about the salmon. The nature of a filet always creates some thick and thin parts as you go north-south on the fish body but a tail piece sucks. Can't really do much with that.

                One thing that I wasn't wild about that others rate highly is the chopped sirloin and egg dish. For brunch it would be awesome but it's a bad call for dinner with so many far superior options.

                1. re: Debbie W

                  oh wow .... they actually had the butterscotch pudding that night too! Man ... I should have gotten it ....
                  Oh well, I just have to go back :P

                  1. re: Debbie W

                    Third the recco on the duck fried rice. Though a side, the size is nearly entree-portioned. Slightly Unctuous and definitely fragrant, it was went perfectly with my medium rare ribeye..

                2. Jar is one of my favorite restaurants, but I'd say appetizers and fish are their weakest points, so the deck was stacked against the OP. Not surprised that the meat was your favorite dish. But their beef, and sauces and sides are where this place really shines. Next time you must try the Lobster BĂ©arnaise sauce which is their undeniably best asset. And when available, I much prefer the Kabocha Squash side to the Purple Yams. The latter are just too starchy for my taste, but the squash is silky and buttery smooth.

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                  1. re: wutzizname

                    Forgot about that Kabocha squash side - oh, yes, it is really good.
                    And to frommtron, yes the pork shank is very good.
                    Hmmm, maybe I should return soon as it has been a while and I am forgetting how good so many of their items really are.