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May 3, 2008 05:58 PM

Best Pizza Joints in Columbus

Nothing like a great pie. Wondered what people's thoughts were on the best pizzas in the city. This would be my top 5:

Tommy's (preferably in Arlington) - great pepperoni and delicious flakey crust

Plank's on Parsons - great pepperoni and delicious sweet crust

Bexley or Gahanna Pizza Plus - the Ultimate Pizza is pretty amazing

Rotolo's (preferably in Grandview) - cheesy, still pretty solid

Eagles in N.A. - a large pepperoni & sausauge for $12 is probably the best value in town

Figlio isn't a "pizza joint" but makes good wood-fired pies
Flying Pizza on Bethel for NY or Sicilian pizza by the slice
Carsonie's now has the best calzones and strombolis

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  1. Pizza is such a subjective thing. And I can tell we have very different tastes in pizza from you list which includes places where I won't order pizza (Tommy's, Plank's). But we do agree on Figlio.

    My favorite pizza in Columbus is Hound Dog's / Smokin' Joes in the campus area. Two different pizza styles from the same place, and both are great.

    1. We live in Bexley and I won't order Bexley Pizza Plus, inedible as far as we are concerned. We have a Tommy's and theirs is kind of greasy thin crust, if I want that, Rubino's is better. We order from Massey's Pizza in Whitehall and are thrilled they now deliver to Bexley.

      DH is from Chicago, where we lived for 20 years. No, nothing in Columbus compares to that, not thin or thick crust nor any stuffed. As Kura Kura says, taste is subjective. We agree to disagree.

      1. I would agree with Rotolo's. I'm from Chicago too (Hi Diane!) and am not a fan of the "Chicago Style pizza" but I do like a thicker crust. Rotolo's beats everything I've had here so far in the medium-thick crust category. For the most part, everything else I've had is from a chain (Donato's and Papa John's when the kids get to choose) and is merely tolerable.

        I do like Figlio for their wood-fired pizza, although, dare I say it - I like California Pizza Kitchen's pizzas also. Scandalous, I know!

        1. I've tried most all of the places mentioned and one which has not been discyussed and that satisfies me in a way that none of the others do is Adriatico's thick crust, pepperoni and extra sauce. The extra sauce is the key.

          For thin crust, there is Cowtown Pizza in Grandview. I hate the name and initially discounted the place because of it but the quality of the ingredients they use results in a superior thin crust pie. I also like Hound Dog's and the fact they have multiple red sauces in a variety of levels of heat. Sometimes I like a nice spicy pie and theirs delivers.

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            I have lived in Columbus all my life, and had never even heard of Cowtown Pizza. I lived in the Short North for the last four years, and alas only discovered Cowtown delivered to us mere months before we moved. I have to say, I was very impressed by the quality, taste, and price. But above all - the customer service.

            We called on a whim, never having their pizza, to ask if they delivered to us. They said yes and brought us a pizza - very quickly, and still hot and fresh, on a busy Friday night. The next day, the manager called us to see what we thought, since we were new customers. Since then, every time we ordered from them, the manager sent us a hand-written postcard, mentioning our order specifically, and stating that we should call if we had any problems. Also included on these postcards was an personal offer - usually a note saying "mention this card and we'll give you a free order of breadsticks" or something similar. Sure, not a huge cost to them, but still - it was PERSONALLY written by the manager. That's not something you see everyday.

            Was it the best pizza I ever had? No. Was it good? Yes. Very tasty, flavorful, and hot and fresh. I had no problem continuing to order it without the personal touches, but WITH the personal touches it made it even tastier.

            I only regret that we didn't discover them sooner. We now live in Pickerington, and are beginning to explore the east-Columbus pizza scene. We'll have to venture back to Cowtown sometime soon.

          2. We lived next door to Plank's on Parson's for 2 years, and I will have to say that it might be the WORST pizza on the planet. Donut sweet crust? OMG! OTOH, we now live 2 blocks from Tommy's Whitehall store, and now consider it the ultimate midwest pizza. I love Panzera's in UA, but no place to eat except in summer, and can't get it home hot = no thanks.
            Hound Dogs in the Campus area rocks, too. Too bad the parking sucks so bad.

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              We just bought pizza at planks and I am really truly glad people like their pizza but I wouldn't buy their pizza again. Their crust is really too sweet and their Cajun isn't Cajun!

              1. re: mmekinda

                Too bad you didn't check with me first. YUCK - have to agree Plank's is way too sweet. Their red sauce tastes like kethcup with added sugar.