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May 3, 2008 05:54 PM


Who is the woman judge on Iron Chef that says everything taste "oily or greasy". She smells the food before she eats as if she is afraid of eating something old

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  1. I can't answer your question, but this seems like the proper topic to mention that the 'original' Iron Chef program is re-airing on the Fine Living channel.

    Last nights episode, Battle Mango, featured a challenger who reportedly runs the only Mexican restaurant in (Tokyo?) Japan. He did make fresh corn tortillas - I wonder where he got the masa. The commentators were making hilariously uninformed remarks about Mexican cuisine. No doubt E_N was Screaming at the tube!

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      Great news! I've missed the original.

    2. I think the judge you're referring to Akiko Katayama. According to the intro they give her on the show, she's a food writer and consultant for the Japanese government (or something like that--I'm usually too engrossed in the food to listen intently to judge bios).

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        Yup. They always have her judge on Morimoto challenges. Seems that they can't find anyone else who appreciates Japanese food!

      2. Yep..I think that's her!

        1. Yeah, it's her. I've made the same comment to my husband that everything is greasy to her.

          1. I don't think smelling food first is an odd practice. Typically that's a sign of a good chef. In wine tasting, you smell it first before sipping.

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            1. re: Chew on That

              I agree, but the way she does it is funny, she leans way over and inhales, as if she's trying to fit the entire contents of the plate up her nose.