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Upland Pizza

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I have finally found Pizza Nirvana. Please allow me to share this bit of Pizza bliss. Having lived in NYC during my days at the U.N., I miss good NYC Pizza, et voila.
This from the Daily Bulliten Newspaper:
San Biagio’s Pizza, 1263 W. Seventh St., Upland, (909) 946-9277 – Biagio’s has brought New York-style pizza to the Inland Valley. The huge slices baked to perfection by the Pavia family are a treat. Try the myriad other Italian favorites such as stromboli or calzone.

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  1. make sure to follow up that pizza with some ice cream from Dr. Bob's. I don't have an address but i'm sure the folks at the restaurant know where it is.

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      ok... had to look it up. this is some of the best American ice cream you'll ever have:

      Dr. Bob's HandCrafted IceCreams, Upland, 909.920.1966

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        Dr. Bob"s Ice Cream: 155 E. C Street Upland.

    2. But Willi, have you actually eaten there, or are you just rehashing (I love chow puns) what the paper said. Am I going to have to go up to Upland and check it out?

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        On the recommendation of a Brooklyn pizzaholic, we've been to San Biagio's for takeout. This place is definitely worth going out of the way for. We stopped by for their extra large sausage and garlic pie to take home to LA and reheat. Turned out pretty tasty. They also have a larger pizza, the next size up, called the Jumbo. We took home a couple of their really great cannoli. I'd rate their pizzas pretty high. Too bad this place is so far from where we live or we'd be there about once a week.

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          Dear Inland Empire Bruder Chino Wayne. Not only did I eat there, I have not been able to stop thinking or talking about it since!

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            OK, you have piqued my interest, I think I'll try and make it over there this weekend. A trip to Upland beats a trip to Monrovia for decent pizza. There may be hope for us out here in the wilderness after all.

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              where in Monrovia is good Pizza?

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                Domenico's, just order it with a "thin, thin" crust.

        2. Is this pizza place still around? Sounds like a good stop before we go to Bert n Rocky's Ice Cream, the true best ice cream in the area. Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip, oh baby!

          1. Last time I checked, they were still there, and why would you go to Bert n Rocky's when dr. Bob's is just down the street?


            1. Thanks for the posting! I am also going to try Dr. Bob's! I had his ice cream for the first time last week at Kellogg Ranch at Cal Poly's restaurant! It was delish!

              1. Still there and as good as ever. Was just there a few weeks ago.

                1. I just had a slice a few days ago and I loved it. Great flavor for the sauce and the Pizza. I'm not going to comment on NY style or not as I don't have those prejudices, but it was thin and the crust was crisp from reheating in the oven. I burnt the roof of my mouth on it so I haven't been able to go back and try a pie. Cheese slices are $2.00. pies are 11.99/13.99/16.99 with toppings 1.25 to $2 extra. House special with variety of meat and veg are $19 for XL.

                  Other posters have said the Spumoni and Canoli are good there too. Take out menu says Brooklyn-style Zeppoli 3 for a buck.

                  They also have a munch of subs that are pretty cheap mostly $4 or 4.50. Including meatball, stromboli, sausage, capocolli sandwich.

                  I was always wondering where it was after reading about it here. It is in the same shopping center as the Trader Joe's on Mountain--Mountain Green Shopping Center, but around the corner on West 7th. Right off the 10 fwy. Open until 10 PM, 8 PM Sunday.

                  1. I returned and ordered a sausage and green pepper medium pizza. They tell you what table number to take in the room next door to the ordering counter. I wasted some time playing Lord of the Rings pinball first. Plastic chairs and plastic checkered tablecloths, with college bball on the tv. This pizza was not as good as my cheese slice. Flavor was good, sausage a bit skimpy though. The first bite or two was crisp, but the rest was a little doughy and undercooked. I could see our pizza was thicker that the cheese pizza the table next door ordered. I really wanted those other ppl's thin crisp pizza. Our leftovers were a soggy mess when we got home.

                    Lots of tables were having salad, they are served in metal bowls of various sized. Some ppl just having a slice. People who ordered pasta got it served in the metal take out style container.

                    I'll be back for the cheese slice.

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                      I have to take back a little bit about the leftovers. While limp in the box, they crisped up very well in the oven. That was a nice snack.

                    2. After reading all the high praise for San Biagio pizza, I went there yesterday to try it for myself, hoping for a special treat not too far from home..

                      When I ordered it, I asked if there was a "combination special", and the counterman told me that there was, and that it included "six or seven" of their most popular items. That was what I ordered, and when it came, I saw that it had sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, sliced black olives, diced onions, ortega peppers, and something that seemed to be a kind of thin sliced ham loaf.

                      I'd rate the pizza at about a three-and-a-half out of ten. The crust was tasteless, not at all crisp, and soggy in the center. (Yeah, I know that all the veggies are going to lose moisture and make it wet, but they should know it too, and if they're going to recommend it as a house special, they should at least cook it a little extra time to compensate.) The (ham?) was basically luncheon meat, both in quality and in flavor, the sausage was scarce and tasteless, the ortega peppers tipped the flavors off in the wrong direction, and the sauce and cheese, though probably present, were not at all noteworthy. Even at the pizza's hottest, pulling off a slice produced none of the long strings of cheesy goodness that one gets from even most ordinary pizzas.

                      All in all, it was a total flop, and certainly nothing like the New York-style pizzas I've had in New York! Never again.