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May 3, 2008 05:06 PM

a nice match for short ribs?

planning on making a batch of short ribs -- fairly simple braise, mustard-ish crust -- and wondered if anyone had some recommendations on a relatively accessible wine to accompany? it's rare that i make a "hearty" dish, so i am a bit at sea here...

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    1. re: ibstatguy

      CduP would be great... but in any case, I'd probably pick something red from the Rhone... could also be Gigondas.

      1. re: ChefJune

        agree, I almost listed Gigondas (Les Pallieres is a personal favorite) and Vacqueyras.

        1. re: ChefJune

          Would definitely agree with any red from the Rhone, North or South. Haven't met a red wine from the Rhone Valley that wasn't made for braised short ribs. What a great meal you'll have!

          1. re: moh

            thanks for all the great to the corner for a Rhone red....

      2. in reds... shiraz or zinfandel.... in whites, riesling.

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        1. re: Chicago Mike

          Ex Umbris, A Syrah from Owen Roe. Am I the only one that drinks American wine anymore ???

        2. I agree with a Syrah (as others have stated), but also lean towards a Zin, when we do these. The choice of Zin depends on the "sweetness" of the sauce. (Chicago Mike mentioned Zin first). Also, I enjoy an Amarone with a few years on it, with this dish, if it's not too sweet.


          1. I might be too late to chime in but I personally would reach for something inexpensive from the Languedoc area. A syrah blend of some sort. All the other pairings would be excellent as well but I think of short ribs as a humble comfort food. So even better not to spend more than $12 on the bottle.

            If you want domestic (in response to TonyO) I would try to find a Cal-Ital bottle. Try Vino Noceto Winery up in Amador County area.

            1. definitely agree w/the Rhone recs, though I might be tempted to go w/ a Cote Rotie or other Syrah based Rhone. i saw that someone suggested Riesling, which is interesting because several weeks ago I had the chef's tasting menu at a tasty restaurant and ordered the wine pairings. i didn't like what the suggestion was for the short ribs (Aussie Shiraz), and was looking through the CdPs when the sommelier said that he actually thought Riesling was the best match but people always want red, and he went with a red. I ordered a CdP (a Beaucastel that had some age on it) because the rest of the pairings had been white wines, and we wanted at least one red. I didn't feel that the CdP help its own very well, though I do not recall the exact preparation -- maybe there was an ingredient that threw off the pairing -- but I do remember wishing I had gone with something Syrah based or a Riesling.