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May 3, 2008 04:15 PM

A month in Puerto Rico....

My husband and I will be in PR for a month bc of his work. The last thing we want is anything we might be able to find driving down the street here! Recommendations for local places and experiences would be very much appreciated. We are hoping to explore the rest of the island, so if there are places outside of San Juan, we would love to know about them. Also, any areas for great street food vendors.

This is all being planned with very little notice so I don't have time to do my normal obsessive research and hoping to get some help!

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  1. Do you know where you will be living? You should def. try to explore outside of San Juan, if you will be living there, as much as possible. Your first spot should be Guavate and eat some lechón and morcillas. You should also visit the west coast, Rincon, Aguadilla and try the local seafood and enjoy the most amazing beaches. I will post later some more spots, but be sure that you will have an awsome time down here.

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      We are here and working on exploring. Based out of Condado, going to OSJ quite a bit. Had nice tapas last night, random Turkish food for lunch today. I am hopefully going to spend quite a bit of time driving around the rest of the island, so will be trying to branch out. Esp. since the prices in SJ are equal to any other big US city! Hard to afford when living out of a hotel room!

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        Ask the front desk in the hotel about places where locals go to eat. That and speaking spanish would help you venture out.

    2. There are a lot of options around the Condado should check out Bangkok/Bomabay(Thai/Indian), Miro(Seafood w/ latin twist), Ummo( pretty good argentianian), VIa Appia(best pizza and italian classics), Cielito Lindo(Mexican), The Greenhouse( Best burgers and french onion soup in town), Great Taste(very good chinese food), Buenos Ayres Grill( also good argentinian food), a bit further but still close to the condado area... La Patisserie ( good lunch sandwiches and salads), The Swiss Table ( great swiss food)... Bebo's ( the best criollo food you can get at the best prices)...

      1. As for street vendors, you should check out La Placita de Santurce during the day, which is an open market, and there are plenty of restaurants around to try out... like Sal y Pimienta, Jose Enrique...

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          Thanks so much for the advice. We have hit a few places so far and are enjoying it. I'll add those to the list! DH really wants to go to the Buenos Ayres Grill. I spent yesterday walking around the markets, trying new (to me) fruits and buying funky pepper sauce.

          I'm trying to make notes so when this is done I can write up a summary review.

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            Going for a week in the fall, can't wait to read your write up!
            Where are the markets located?

        2. A definite must try....go to La Casita Blanca in Santurce.