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No Name Restaurant or Abe and Louies?

Is No Name Restaurant any good? what about abe and louies?

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  1. I haven't been to the No Name in decades. I never hear of anyone ever talking about eating there. I think the bulk of their business comes from Senior Citizen bus tours.

    Abe and Louie's is a solid, old-school steak house. They bartenders and servers are very seasoned, and rarely leave. The bar at street level is a bit of a "frat house" during peak hours. The dining room is comfortable on the main level. The upstairs bar is a bit of a secret, and a good place to get away from the "scene" of the big bar. There's a TV upstairs and the full menu is served at the bar. Another secret is to have someone in your group order the swordfish chop, bone-in. It's a great piece of fish to mix in with your turf selections.

    My vote is A&L.

    1. We went recently to No Name - never again. Was very disappointed! I love calimari, ours was overwhelmed by the batter. I can't even remember my dish but wish we had gone somewhere else. I don't like wasting my money. I didn't enjoy the dining room either, no ambiance at all but nice view of the water.

      1. No Name is not good these days.

        1. No name is aweful, last time I went the fish was cooked to driness and smelled like ammonia and the place was filthy. A&L has great steaks and an excellent bone-on swordfish chop and when the weather is nice a outside patio to eat and take in the views.

          1. No Name sucks.

            A & L is terrific for lunch on a summer day when the windows are open to the street.

            1. Have to concur- the meal I had a No Name last summer was one of the worst meals Ive ever had.

              1. If it's a choice between only these two, I'd opt for Abe & Louie's. Note that A&L is upscale on its prices, about comparable to places like Capital Grill and Ruth's Chris.

                I haven't had the utterly awful experiences many on this board appear to have had at the No Name, but than again I don't go outside their wheelhouse, sticking to their chowder and fried seafood. They are cheaper than A&L.

                A&L will have a more varied menu than No Name, and they do put out an excellent bread basket.

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                  Even their fried seafood isn't that good. I wish it was because excellent fish chowder(and theirs really is) is not enough to drag me in.

                2. Abe and Louies over The No Name hands down.

                  1. Filet mignon sandwich at A&L is great for lunch. Does No Name still have plastic utensils? These two restaurants are polar opposites.

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                      I don't think the OP is suggesting a comparison but, rather opinions on each. I mean how can you compare a dumpster to a villa.

                    2. There really is no question here.

                      1. Ahhh, I am thinking this is a no-brainer, No Name...No Good!