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May 3, 2008 03:16 PM

anything new or noteworthy around LA Live/Nokia?

I'm going to the Nokia theater downtown tomorrow night. Haven't been down there in a while. Is there anywhere close that has opened up to grab a decent bite to eat in the neighborhood?

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  1. Me too. Can't wait. :-) Would also be grateful for recs around the Nokia Theater. Alternatively, I was considering stopping at Olvera St for dinner, as it looks like it's not that far (??)

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      Great show Sunday night. :-) I noted everyone's comments, and chose instead to eat in Little Tokyo instead (Olvera St was a little crazy with Cinco de Mayo celebrations). Chose to eat at Suehiro Cafe. It was decent, solid Japanese food and quick, friendly service. Very reasonably priced too. I ordered the Okonomi Plate, which is three dishes served in a bento style, plus miso soup, salad and rice for $9.60. The grilled mackerel and gyoza dumplings were very tasty, and the boiled spinach, though not as flavorful, was not too overdone. Mr Foodiekat had the chicken curry udon soup. This was good, simple comfort food. I would go back.

    2. Within walking distance, I like the Palm or Riordan's Tavern (that's more for a drink and some pretty good bar food). Have fun at the show!

      1. Hey french roast,

        Sorry I'm not much help; I haven't been to the Staples Center arena nor the new LA Live area next door recently, either.

        If you get a chance, please report back if you see any interesting restaurants that've opened there. Thanks. :)

        1. Only thing open there now is the Nokia theater. Restaurants and other entertainment amenities aren't scheduled to open until October 2008.

          1. Roy's of Hawaii and Liberty Grill might be added to the Riordan's and Palm suggestions.

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              In an effort for completeness, I'd rank them in order of preference. None is really noteworthy. I'd choose the Palm if you are a steak and potatoes kind of guy and Roy's if you are a more global-cuisine kind of guy (or gal).
              Liberty Grill
              La Bella Cucina
              Riordan's (literally hate after several experiences--perhaps the worst value restaurant in Los Angeles, though the fries are good and the bar is OK)

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                Bump to see if anything new has opened. I know Yard House and ESPNZone were supposed to open; have they? Their websites indicated not, but they can be out of date...