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May 3, 2008 02:22 PM

Need Great New Haven Style Pizza in Middletown

Any good recs for great Pepe/Spot/ModernSallys style pizza in Middletown CT or directly adjacent towns? Particulary interested in (fresh) CLAM PIZZA.

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  1. directly adjacent? no.

    you might find something close to modern, but not sallys or pepes.

    1. I've heard Illiano's has a good white fresh clam pizza. 2 locations in Middletown. www.illianospizza.com The clam is listed in the gourmet pizza section. worth a try!

      1. No, you won't find anything that's quite New Haven Pizza. But, Jerry's on Washington St is good - lots of people swear by a pizza called the Snowball or something like that (you need to order it 2 hours ahead) - I don't like anchovies, so I've never tried it.