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May 3, 2008 02:08 PM

Visiting family in Whiting, NJ, and am looking for restaurant suggestions...?

In the past we have had to resort to chains Olive Garden, Charlie Brown's, etc... in Tom's River. Have heard there is an Italian restaurant that has opened within the past year in Whiting. Would anyone know the name and location?

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  1. Try La Gondola or Luigis in Lakehurst.

    1. Sorry, I can’t help you with the name of the new Italian restaurant. You’re in somewhat of a restaurant wasteland in Whiting as its right in the middle of the pine barrens. The closest place that I can think of is the Plumsted Grill in Cream Ridge, NJ. They have pretty basic but good American/Continental food. See . Depending on where you are in Whiting, I’d guess you’re about 10 miles from the Plumsted. If you go in the other direction towards Forked River, NJ there are a number of restaurants on Route 9 in that area.

      1. If you go into Forked River, there is a very nice Italian restaurant: Il Giardino. It sits right on the river, just off of route 9.

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          I'm not familiar with the Italian restaurant you describe however I would wholeheartedly recommend Bistro 44 in downtown TR for a fine meal. If your heart is set on Italian however, I would try Villa Amalfi also in TR. Good Luck.

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            What bgut1 said...these are both excellent recommendations. Nice atmosphere, wonderful service, fabulous food.

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              Thanks to bgut1 you mentioned Villa Amalfi in Toms River. So I took 7 members of my family there Saturday afternoon 6/23. The food was off the hook. 5 ate seafood sword fish/ salmon, 1 chicken and 1 wild boar (?) where do you find wild boar on a menu? slow roasted for 4 hours. service was the best!
              I'm from Boston and I'd drive the 7 hours again today to eat there again.........

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                Carlos the owner does an outstanding job there we always enjoy it.

          2. I'm also not familiar with the new Italian place in Whiting. I can also vouch for Il Giardino in Forked River. It's a nice setting and the food is usually very good. Another place in Forked River I can recommend highly is Extreme BBQ ( The place is very small and very casual, but the food is the real deal.

            I have only been to The Original Portuguese Grill (Manchester Ave in FR) once and enjoyed it overall (although The Asbury Park Press reviewed it and gave the place a tweak because they thought the kitchen didn't go far enough to be authentic Portuguese).

            I would have recommended Shark Fin Inn on Route 9 in FR some time ago, but the head chef has since moved on...and I haven't been back since that change. They had a crab saute that was garlicky and yummy.

            Hope that helps.

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              Seems like extreme bbq is out of order ....are they gone or relocated?

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                No, they just need to update their own site. Try this number: 609.693.4227. I just called and they answered at the restaurant.