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May 3, 2008 01:26 PM

Ansill or Fork?

Which should I choose Ansill or Fork if I had to make a choice? Let's add a third, Striped Bass?

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    1. Anyone have input on Ansill vs. Cochon?

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      1. re: malkazanie

        Both! They're both excellent. I'd say take a look at the menus and see which one appeals to you more. The quality at both places is stellar.

        1. re: Buckethead

          Anything (well just about) is better than Fork these days.

          1. re: Buckethead

            Thanks for the input. I have a foodie friend who is coming down to NYC to celebrate my birthday with me. We're both big fans of offal and also bistro-style food, so I've narrowed it down to those two. Any other places you would recommend? (at about $100 for two)

            1. re: malkazanie

              Maybe Osteria, that is also an excellent place and they have some great house-made charcuterie and cotechino (pig-lung sausage), but you'll have a hard time getting out of there without spending more than $100. Based on your tastes I'd say you'd have a better time at Ansill or Cochon anyway. If you're big offal fans, I'd give the edge to Ansill. Cochon is BYO, which keeps the price down a bit, but Ansill always has a good house red and white in carafes for not much money, I was there a couple weeks ago and the red was a good Malbec for $15 for 500ml.

              1. re: Buckethead

                I just learned that cotechino doesn't necessarily contain pig's lungs, but one of the first times I was at Osteria I asked the server what was in it and they told me pig lung. So offal is definitely involved in their cotechino.

                1. re: Buckethead

                  Osteria doesn't appeal to us as much - not huge Italian fans. I'd like to try it on someone else's tab. :) I have read wonderful things about both Ansill and Cochon (and seen beautiful pictures from both places!) and would be excited to eat at either. Pork.... mmm.

          2. Ansill left me a bit underwhelmed on a visit a couple weeks ago. A squid risotto that was oversalted and an over-noisy dining area left me wishing we had gone up the street to Southwark.

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            1. re: chopinpa

              We ate at Southwark only once and were totally underwhelmed -- couldn't see the fuss. Cochon is good but Ansill is in a different ballpark -- more refined and interesting. We still like Fork, though.

              1. re: Beulah

                I like Southwark and Fork--I've had some great and pretty good items at both places. But I think I've loved more things I've had at Ansill.

            2. I was disappointed in Fork. Crowded, noisy, so so food .
              Always love Striped Bass. Elegant, delicious, and if you don't drink, you can get away with 100 for two.

              1. Cochon. Ansill. Fork.
                Cochon was amazing.

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                1. re: hollyd

                  Cochon is very good but personally I think Southwark is somewhat better. Cochon was incredibly noisy when I was there, my wife and I had difficulty hearing each other at a 2-top near the window. We recently had a wine dinner at Fork and it was terrible, really bad. I am still a big fan of Django myself and one of my new personal faves is Little Fish (down the street from Cochon and, while a completely different restaurant, much better than Cochon in my opinion).