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May 3, 2008 01:18 PM

CSA that delivers

For anybody that is interested, there's a CSA that delivers to doorman buildings so you don't have to pick up.

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  1. That's good to know - so many of the ones I looked into require pick up. Now if only I could get a doorman - though I'm home a lot!

    1. This CSA only delivers to Westchester and Fairfield counties right now. The do not currently offer that in an borough although they will in Manhattan soon.

      Home Delivery Now Available in: Fairfield County (CT),
      Westchester County (NY) and coming soon to Manhattan (NY).

      1. I was going to post about this. Does anyone know any that currently deliver to Manhattan?

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        1. re: Rasher

          i know that most CSAs don't do it that way -- but if you want to support local agriculture AND have home delivery, you could arrange with messenger service or something to do and deliver your pickups. or consider a neighbor-kid as an "odd-job".

          just something i would consider if i wanted to do a CSA but couldn't arrange to commit to the weekly pickups.