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May 3, 2008 12:31 PM

Colonial Williamsburg

I am in the preliminary planning stages for a June trip to Williamsburg. Any dining do's (or don'ts) would be greatly appreciated. Our 6 and 12 year old daughters will be with us too.

Thank you!

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  1. Take them to at least one of the Colonial taverns. Our favorites are the King's Arms and Christiana Campbell's.

    1. I love Williamsburg! The taverns are a must! King's Arms is the best! For a casual lunch outside, go to Barrett's, they do seafood. If Downtown Short Stop is still there, that'd be a good place to go with kids. There is a place on Duke Of Glouster Street (DOG Street) called "A Good Place To Eat." I assure you, it is not. The Cheese Shop is a must for sandwiches, it's a wine shop with a deli counter. Get a picnic together and eat on the lawn in front of the Governor's Palace. If your daughters are girly girls, you might want to see if the Williamsburg Inn does a high tea. They might find that fun. Even the nicest restaurants in Williamsburg are generally family friendly because of the nature of the town. If you guys have a jones for comfort food or ice cream sundaes, there should still be a Friendly's on Richmond Road (where I worked in high school!) There's The Peanut Shop also that you should check out. They have candy, and the best Virginia peanuts. The girls certainly deserve a trip to Wythe Candy, right? My family is currently in mourning because they've stopped shipping their turtles.

      You are going to love it!

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          I lived there for five years. Needless to say, we had lots of family visit. We moved a lot while I was growing up and Williamsburg was by far my favorite place we lived.

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          I seem to recall from our last visit that "A Good Place To Eat" had been replaced by something better. Maybe someone else could confirm.

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            Can you recommend something that is more teen boy friendly? I am also traveling with two teenaged girls. Thanks!

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              Fortunately, A Good Place to Eat is gone. Williamsburg Inn does do high tea. The W--burg Lodge across from the Inn has a similarly sumptuous brunch that is cheaper than the Inn because it doesn't serve unlimited champagne. The Greenleafe Cafe, down the street from DOG street, is a fun, casual place with tons of beer on tap.

            2. I'd like to echo the King's Arms recommendation. The atmosphere alone is worth the trip, but the food is very good as well. Have fun! I love colonial williamsburg - as a revolutionary war reenactor, it's kind of my job.

              1. I would recommend swinging by The Trellis Restaurant for their to die for chocolate desserts. Yum!

                Trellis Restaurant
                403 E Duke of Gloucester St, Williamsburg, VA 23185

                1. We had a good lunch at the Blue Talon a few weeks ago. We only bought wine at the Cheese Shop, but the lunch offerings looked great. It was packed - popular place.

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                    Been about five years ago, but the Colonial Breakfast (buffet style) at Williamsburg Inn was the biggest spread I ever saw for breakfast and had lots of traditional dishes and lots of stuff I'd never seen before for breakfast. Sausages, ham biscuits, eggs of all sorts, grits. It was delicious, even an oyster-based pudding-type dish was surprisingly good.

                    1. re: Potomac Bob

                      It's still a big spread, but very pricey b/c of unlimited champagne. A less costly but still elegant alternative is the breakfast buffet at The Williamsburg Lodge across the street from the Inn. No champagne, though you can get a glass from the Lodge's bar, but about a third of the cost of breakfast at the Inn.