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May 3, 2008 11:40 AM

Where to Eat Near the Queensboro Bridge

Having recently relocated the northeastern edge of midtown from the East Village, I am now a little lost when it comes to where to grab a bite, and there isn't a ton of info out there about everyday eating in this particular area.

So, I am looking for suggestions in the 50's and 60's roughly east of lexington: anywhere from best hole-in-the-wall sandwich shops and diners to fancier fare. Really, I don't even know where to get good coffee (no Mud truck, I presume).

I know about ess-a-bagel and the Indian row on 58th. Some other place I've seen (but not tried yet) are the Moonstruck Diner on 58th, Les Sans Culottes East, Bruce's Bakery on 56th & 1st.... are these any good?
So, my esteemed colleagues in eating, please steer me in the right direction!

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  1. Favorite pizza (and salad) place is Angelo's on 2nd @ 55th. Moonstruck diner is fine. I find Bruce's a place to avoid. Great quality meat & cheese sandwiches at Nicola's (specialty shop) on 1st between 54 & 55th - take out only - I buy my coffee beans from them and took one of their sandwiches with me on the plane to L.A. today. There's a Hale & Hearty soup place on Lex at about 65th and also at Lex and 54th. The food court downstairs at Citicorp bldg. has a very large salad bar/ hot & cold take-out M-F lunchtime. Chinese: Panda at 54th & 1st - inexpensive lunch special and good at night too. They deliver. Good bagels at the place on 2nd bet. 56th & 57th. The diner just down from there on the corner of 56th is pretty good as these things go. Ffor the best thin sliced smoked salmon you want to go to Tal Bagels on 1st between 53rd & 54th. Their bagels are good too. Pita Grill just opened on the NW corner of 57th and 2nd. Seating upstairs. Taksim is on 2nd bet. 54th & 55th - eat in or take out.

    For nicer out to dinner - Taksim, La Mangeoire @ 53rd & 2nd, Cafe Joul on 1st between 58 & 59th, Jubilee, especially if you like mussels, on 54th between 1st & 2nd, Luna Piena on 53rd between 2nd & 3rd. Inexpensive Italian: Michael's Cafe on 1st between 52nd & 53rd. They have excellent burgers and inexpensive steaks as they've had some relationship with Ottomanelli's.

    I live in the 50's and eat at all of these places and feel comfortable suggesting that you can safely try them. I'm sure that others on the board can help you with places in the 60's.

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      Second Angelo's Pizza...Also, try La Cantina Toscana for solid Italian

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        agree on toscana, also close is maya

    2. Second Jubilee. Wonderful mussles, frites, and pate.

      still love Les Sans Culottes. Especially, the chaucuterie tray they bring out. With your mom or aunt when she comes to town shopping, Barney's mens or Saks' restaurants. Shun Lee- fancy chinese.

      1. Moonstruck is fantastic! As long as you're drunk, it's 2 in the morning, and you're ravenous. Otherwise I tend to prefer Jimbo's for simple diner food. Midtown Diner is ok for breakfast, but I don't particularly like their sandwiches. There are also good burgers at P.J. Clarke's and Houston's.

        I can't comment on Bruce's Bakery, but Dessert Delivery and Buttercup are both in the area and will definitely leave you happy.

        Other good restaurants to check out on the higher-end would be: davidburke & donatella, Mia Dona, Sushi Seki, Brasserie and Alto a little further off.

        Good soup dumplings and Shanghainese at Our Place, otherwise reasonable Chinese delivery from Grand Sichuan or Fusia.

        Persian at Ravagh. There are also two famous halal carts in your neighborhood, Tony Dargonas being one of them. If you're looking to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, you've also got Rosa Mexicano right there.

        1. This was exactly what I was looking for. I stumbled across Rosa Mexicano with a visitor last week and we ate about $25 worth of guacamole, and I can't wait to go to Tony Dragona's, as I am a big fan of Sammy's Halal downtown and carts in general. When I get a bit more liquid I'll be sure to check out Jubilee for mussels.


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            lolol stumbled across rosa's..its been there for over twenty years..buon giorno

          2. Pesce Pasta practically under the bridge at York and 59th (or 58th) for excellent italian with an emphasis on fish dishes....moderately priced and intimate