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May 3, 2008 11:01 AM

Joule or Monsoon?

Thanks for the recs on the visit to your fun city and dining without a car! I have made a reservation at Joule, but after I did I started reading about Monsoon. I know Joule is Korean fusion and Monsoon more Viet. Which sould I choose? Note we are from SF if that helps!

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  1. I think that the food at Monsoon is a little better honed, better executed. That's where my vote would go.

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    1. re: dagoose

      i can't speak for joule, so this is only one-sided, but I have never had anything less than delicious at monsoon. it is wonderful food, good service, quality ingredients.

    2. You could try both by doing Joule for dinner and Monsoon for awesome brunch but if you only have time for one I would go to Monsoon over Joule having been to both.

      1. I have only eaten at Joule once and wasn't all that impressed. Monsoon can be hit and miss but seems like a better bet. I would also recommend checking out Baguette Box which is a sandwich shop owned by the Monsoon people. In fact I would just slum it and eat at Baguette Box and skip both if it was me. Lemongrass Skirt Steak sammich, mmmm.

        1. Since you are from SF you will be disappointed in Monsoon-pseudo Vietnamese food for non-VIetnamese. Bong Su and Slanted Door in SF are much better.
          I would opt for Joule-creative cooking with interesting and delicious Korean touches.

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            Slanted Door is crap. Monsoon kicks Slanted Ass any day!

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              The wild ramp dish I had last night at Monsoon is one of the best dishes I've had all year.

              Just so you know tedfood, ramps are indigenous to North America and not something you'll find in a Saigon kitchen. So you probably won't be ordering this abomination at this "pseudo Vietnamese" restaurant. Too bad for you.

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              Joule has changed up their menu; their preparations of (slightly crisped) duck breast w/ sake lees & soy & kumquat, short rib (now off the bone and heavily marbled), smoky grilled Chinese broccoli w/ egg yolk and chili vinaigrette, baguette w/ seaweed butter, all elevate common ingredients to a new level imo, much more creative than Monsoon (both places are good, Monsoon is just more traditional). Looking forward to trying some of their upcoming weekly series of Sunday afternoon/evening casual summer food events.

            3. Coupage - go to Coupage -

              Monsoon is cool due to local / fresh organics when possible sourcing

              Slanted Door? You can get more "authentic" in the mission than Slanted Door