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May 3, 2008 09:54 AM

S. Foo vs M. Kuo Main Line

Looking for opinions on were to dine, and why!!!

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  1. smaller portions, but grest food at Foo's. Kuo's has consistent excellent food, service and my 1st choice if I have to pick one

    1. Margaret's place is better run, has higher quality, larger portions and a far nicer ambiance than the cavernous, noisy and spartan Sue Foo in Radnor. (Her CC restaurant is admittedly another story.) But, along that small stretch of Rt. 30, I'd always head toward Margaret's. Maybe its because she's a hands-on owner and is there frequently. I don't know how often Sue comes out to Radnor.

      1. Definitely Kuo's, it's got the best food, ambiance, service and not an ounce of snobbishness.

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            What's particularly good on the menu? Should sushi be avoided?

        1. I prefer M. Kuo, over S.Foo's Mainline. Now Foo's in Center City is excellent. I found Foo's in the Mainline was lacking something. Don't get me wrong, the food is very good, but not great like at the Center City restaurant. I agree with chef paolo and keby, Kuo's food is consistent in quality and quantity and that the CC Foo location is much better (service and food you can't beat).

          1. My family has been friends with the Kuos for many years and their restaurants are always top notch. You get much more value for the almost worthless dollar at any of Margaret's restaurants. She is NOT an absentee owner in any respect, she's constantly involved in all of her spots and takes great pride in placing her name in front of high-quality food. In short, if you want to see and be seen then go to Foo's. If you want a great meal, then Mandarin, Margaret Kuo's, or Peking are your best bets.