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May 3, 2008 09:44 AM

Street food in LA - Any recommendations?

I want to start looking for the best Taco Trucks, late night Hot Dog carts, nomadic Farmer's Markets vendors, Fairground food etc... I saw information spread out through some boards, but thought it would be nice to have it all condensed, and updated, in just one (i couldn't find it).

Any recommendations? I am willing to drive anywhere :)

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  1. I like Whittier Blvd. in E.L.A. in the main commercial area where the big sign is over the street. Especially the hot dog vendors! Park and scope out which look best on that particular day.

    1. My friend took me to La Golondrina, a taco truck parked on Huntington Dr. in El Sereno (Los Angeles). I had a delicious carne asada tostada there and a tall bottle of Coke (made in Mexico) for about $4. It was so delicious that I wanted more.

      La Golondrina
      Huntington Dr.
      East of Eastern Ave
      Los Angeles (El Sereno)

      1. is the truck at echo park ave just south of sunset still there at night?
        I thought it was pretty good.

        also there's the guy who makes the dragon beard candy in the parking lot of one of the 99 ranch markets but i haven't seen him for a while. ANyone?

        As well, there's a guy who presses fresh sugar cane juice outside the cuban market at Burbank and Tujunga. Is he still there?

        1. A few years back I dragged some friends out to Olympic Blvd. for a taco truck crawl. That was pretty nice. We went east of the 710 on Olympic on the advice of the Bandini of the Great Taco Hunt blog. There's a stretch of taco trucks for a few miles (or what seemed like it).

          Our favorite was a truck that served a Taco Arabe because it was truly different. Pork al Pastor with a very smokey salsa wrapped in a cross between pita and a tortilla. He had a vertical spit back then.

          1. I noticed some hot dog vendors duing the day in Highland Park, on Figueroa St., a couple of weeks ago. One of them was grilling bacon wrapped hot dogs and grilling peppers and onions. I didn't try anything, but it all looked and smelled very good. This was on Figueroa, within a few blocks of Avenue 50.