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May 3, 2008 09:24 AM

seeking unique, different, weird in KC

I'm looking for suggestions of restaurants / food vendors that are selling something very unique or different in flavor and/or containing non-typical ingredients. Some people call it weird food, some call it dinner- either way we want to try whats available in KC. suggestions?

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    1. Well, I would say that cheese powder on a taco is a little weird... i.e. Tacos in a Tub!

      1. I would suggest if it's not too far for you to check out the Ethnic Enrichment Festival at Swope Park. It's not till August though. I went last year and tried "different and weird things". The reason why I suggest that is because they have close to 30 different vendors from different countries with food booths for example Kenya, Morocco, Croatia, and Laos. Here is a link for more info

        I read in the paper that last weekend there was also some kind of ethnic festival in Wyandotte County that I missed. Does anyone know of any others that go on? I heard they had over 40 food vendors too. I didn't realize how multicultured Kansas City is. So, there might be some restaurants that I am missing out on.

        I am also curious to see what exotic (unique, weird, or different) foods are out here in Kansas City as well.