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May 3, 2008 09:00 AM

My Pie

I'm new to the board and have seen various posts about the best pizza. The one place I didn't see mentioned was My Pie on Clark. After moving away to Miami a few years ago I am returning for a few days to visit family in June. My Pie was one of my FAV'S and wanted to know if anyone has been there lately and if they are still as good?! There is NO GOOD PIZZA here!!! Thanks!

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  1. My Pie has always been one of our favorites too.... going way back to the mid-70's when we had one in Glen Ellyn (is now Golden Wok II). We were last there about 2 years ago and it's as good as ever!

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    1. re: wineaux

      There is a small outpost (mostly for carry-out, but they have a few small tables) on Damen, a block north of Armitage. They deliver too.

      Not sure of the status of their other locations.

      1. re: JJ.

        The original on Clark is still alive and well. I was there a couple weeks ago and favor it over the Damen location.