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May 3, 2008 08:16 AM

Decent places by Mayfield Inn - Edmonton

Will be staying at the Mayfield Inn for a couple of days. Will have the opportunity for a couple of business dinners.

Any good places around there? If I can convince my co-workers to go downtown, we'd go there and I won't have a problem choosing places.

However, we'll be working out-of-town about 45 minutes away to the west, so they may want to stay closer to the hotel, as we may be working a little late.

Fortunately, they are adventurous, so they'll go anywhere I take them. I'd rather avoid the chains, so anything from fine-dining to ethnic are open game.

I just don't know West Ed very well (as I try to avoid the mall - unless something new & worth going to has sprouted in the last year or so).

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  1. Although I can't really think of any memorable place (or even non-chains) near the Mayfield Inn, I do have 2 place that are West end-ish and they are both close to each other.

    1, Piccolinos - I've never been but, it's on my list. One of the blogs I read online about this place had me salivating on my keyboard. Plus many others here recommend it.
    Address: 9112 142 Street

    2, Delux burger Bar - We went last weekend and I just love the feel of this place. I had a very tasty burger. The sweet potato and regular fries were great. I have to go back because I can't get the beet salad they have with Candy pecans out of my head. I never got the chance to order it as there was not enough room to fit in everything, even though I had the smaller 7oz burger. It was a small menu but, packed with great, casual, fun food. (Oh, btw, we tried the cookies and ice cream dessert, didn't care for it)
    Address: 9682 142 St

    There is Syrtaki close by where you will be. Greek food. It's not bad, although I've had way better Greek. Address: 16313 - 111ave
    - still I'd pick this place over say, Dante's Bistro (17328 Stony Plain). That place was a disaster in service and food the last time we went. It's really gone downhill.

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    1. re: livetocook

      Hi I live in the west end, and you are correct there is not a lot out here. We often head downtown. Decent ethnic though, here is my list

      One nice place, that I highly recommend is Sage (search for it on the board, it has been mentioned lots) at the River Cree Resort, best steak (IMHO) in the city, high end, great for business. If you are going mid week I am sure seating will not be a problem. If a weekend, book ahead and ask for a table as far away from the doors as possible (view of the casino).

      On 142nd st. is PiccoLino as stated above, good food, family loud atmosphere. A little further north in the same complex as Delux (which I thoroughly enjoy) is Allegro, another Italian place, I prefer the food P/L but the atmosphere is nicer. Even a little more north at Stony Plain road is Tasty Tomato, a good Italian option for both food & atmosphere.

      There are a few decent Sushi places....Ichiban (small/make reservations) on 149th st & about 87th ave, Miso in Jasper gates (Stony & 149th) & a place in Collingwood that I cannot remember the name of.

      Thai food....Ban Thai on 100th ave & about 156th

      Hoang Long on 170th & Stony is a good Asian (mostly Vietnamese, a good bit of everything though)

      Homefire Grill at 18210 100 Avenue is actually not too bad. Others have said that Chop is really good, I however was not impressed, just an expensive Earls.

      Cha 4 Tea on Stony & 178 has good Chinese & dim sum.

      There is a New Asian Village on 100th ave & about 178st, have not been but the one at the Uni is good.

      Now that I list them all off, we are not doing too bad!

      1. re: cleopatra999

        Excellent - thank you very much! Sage definitely looks intriguing, and since we are working mid-week, a highly viable option.

        Any good East Indian?

        1. re: ybnormal

          new asian village is east indian. :)

          if you go to sage, make sure you have the truffled mac & cheese side, it is to die for, i crave that all the time!

          1. re: cleopatra999

            Yes, I've been to that New Asian village. I liked it. Same sort of feel as the one near the University but, more updated

          2. re: ybnormal

            Dawat has a small restaurant opened in the Mayfield Common shopping centre, and offers a buffet. I would think it also has a menu.

      2. I work for Marriott hotels (not River Cree) but they rank LAST in food quality and service of all Canadian properties and in the bottom 1/3 of all in North America.

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        1. re: robgm

          is that specific to Sage restaurant? I (and others on the board) have had fabulous meals there. this surprises me, unless they are being brought down by their other restaurants at the hotel. I would still HIGHLY recommend it. I have been 2x and taken different people there and have always enjoyed the meal a lot.

          1. re: robgm

            Wow, I didn't know that. We had a wonderful family dinner buffet with "all you can eat" prime rib and crab legs at the Marriott in Waikiki last summer. The service was great and the food was outstanding (either on par or better than anything I've eaten at Fairmont properties). And with the high recommendations for Sage at the River Cree Resort, it's interesting that Marriott scores so poorly elsewhere.

            1. re: Libertycafe

              The comments which follow fit into the rumour category as I do not have first hand confirmation.

              I had understood with regard to the River Cree facility the food and beverage business was orginally operated by the Marriott but then as a result of some disatisfaction it was revamped under the direction of a private consulting firm which specializes in casinos/resorts.

              If memory serves me correctly ... and admittedly, it often does not ... I think Brian Plunkett who the Calgarians will remember was involved in the menu planning and the like rather than daily operations.

            2. re: robgm

              Surely you are not referring to Sage? The food I have had there (twice) and that friends have had there (many times) is excellent. I am as tough a customer as aty restaurant in the cuity will have (for both food and service) and they, Sage, have been stellar.

            3. The original comment has been removed
              1. Just got back from Edmonton last night - a bit of a whirlwind for work, but I managed to squeeze in a couple of places to eat...

                First night in Edmonton, one of my co-workers I was working with wanted to try Jack's Grill in the south end. After completely missing the place the first go-round because of construction, we finally settled in. Unusual location, but it was relatively busy for a weeknight. Not sure if I care for the decor, but it was nice enough ambience-wise.

                Good thing the meal was on the company, because it was pretty pricey, and to be perfectly honest, I don't think the quality equated to the value. I started with a 6 onion puree soup, which was OK, but lacked any real hit of flavour - just a subtle onion-ness to it. My main dish was the duck breast & sage duck sausage, with potato croquettes. The duck breast was good, but not spectacular. I didn't care for the sage duck sausage at all. The best part of the dish was the potato croquettes - perfectly crisp and perfect texture. My co-worker had the rack of lamb - at $41, although he said it was good, was bordering on the edge of unreasonable, since it was pretty small.

                The server recommended Jack's Bread Pudding for dessert, which I tried out. Although it initially tasted good, it quickly wore out its welcome. The bread was way too dense and heavy for this dish.

                All in all, it was good, but not something I'd rave about.

                On the other hand, the other Sage I liked was at the River Cree Casino. That recommendation from the CH's on this board was spot on. We got a kick out of the resort itself - its like a mini-Vegas hotel/casino. Wish we had time for the lounge...

                Sage was a pretty nice looking place. The contemporary decor was cool and the bar was pretty neat. It wasn't too busy, but there only 2 servers and the hostess, so service could've been a bit more timely.

                There were 3 of us eating, so we got a reasonable cross sampling of stuff. We shared the Chile Calamari as a starter. That was excellent - the calamari was perfectly done and had just the right crispness, and the aioli was zappy & tasty. Better yet, there was a lot - even for 3 guys eating it.

                Two of us had the Ribeye Bone-in, and the third had the Cortez Scallops. I couldn't, in good conscience, order the Kobe Steak, since my company was paying for this. I ordered the Trio Sampler of Sides - truffled mac and cheese, sweet potato fries, and forest mushrooms/scallions.

                The ribeyes were massive pieces of meat, and they were executed expertly. The sides were superb. The truffled mac and cheese and the sweet potato fries were fantastic. The forest mushrooms were good, but not in the same league as the others. I can't say that it was the best steak I've ever eaten (it was Canadian Prime), but it is one of the better ones, and cheaper than some other places I've been. My co-worker who had the scallop dish had massive scallops in it, and he said it was excellent.

                Seeing that the meal had gone well so far, I had to try dessert, so I went with the Creme Brulee Trio of vanilla, coconut and ginger. It met my already heightened expectations - the vanilla was great, and the ginger surprisingly refreshing. The coconut combination just didn't turn me on, but that's probably just me. The custard was perfectly creamy and the brulee part was bang on.

                Easily the best meal this week. I now look forward to bringing my wife to try it out and to try the Kobe steak!

                Lastly, after a long few days, my co-workers were craving Italian, so we went straight to PiccoLino's Bistro after work. We got there at around 5:20 PM, and it was already busy. We didn't have reservations, but they gave us a table when we promised we'd be done at 6:30 PM.

                Another good recommendation, this place was fully packed by about 6:00 PM. Again, 3 of us went, so we split a Bruschetta - good thing since it was pretty big. I had the Ossobucco with a side of rotini in alfredo, while one co-worker had the Chicken Neptune and other the Lamb Medallions.

                I'll say this - none of the dishes were lacking in quantity. They serve you a ton of food. I have to say that the quality was fairly good. Not the best we've ever had, but good nonetheless. True Italian comfort food.

                I can see the appeal of the place though - good food, large portions and reasonably priced. Service was good and the restaurant itself was very nice, considering it is in a relatively unassuming strip mall.

                Passed by Delux Burger Bar on the way back to the Mayfield - we'll have to try that next time.

                We did have brekkie at the Mayfield - it is best left unsaid...

                Another couple of good reasons to come back to Edmonton - thanks for the recs!

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                1. re: ybnormal


                  Thanks for the feed-back. It is interesting to read someone's else's views of spots in ones own neighbourhood. We tend to be in a bit of a rut food-wise out here in the West End and usually end up in Earls' or Home Fire Grill.


                  Too bad about the sage duck sausage and the bread pudding.

                  The duck breast and accompanying sausage though not necessarily sage has always been a signature dish at the restaurant since its original opening,

                  The bread pudding was complements of their former dessert chef that some Edmontonians will remember Michelle Deland [sp?] who went on to open her own spot the River City Grill I think before the Crestwood Shopping Centre was renovated to accomodate Urban Fare and others. That is the strip mall you passed where you saw Burger DeLuxe.

                  What does rack of lamb go for elsewhere in town? I agree that $41 is a heavy hit but the price alone does not "stun" me as it sure seems to be expensive everywhere. Did you note many chops one got in their rack?


                  The River Cree Resort is a short drive from our place and I have been meaning to try it given the rave reviews Yen and others have given it. Thus far I have just managed to wander out there one Saturday afternoon to check out the menu before it opened. The truffled mac sounds like a winner for me even if I am not in the mood for a big feed of beef...albeit prime which I do not think I have in fact ever had.


                  I drive by this place every work day and we have only stopped the once but I know others and particularly residents in the Crestwood area speak highly of it. I am not surprised since Lino is a gregarious, outgoing fellow and fits right into the Rago clan providing Italian comfort food.

                  I think my intial problem was that it was too much like Sorrentino's where I used to eat several times a week. Not surprising since Joe who opened it for Lino is Carmello's brother and Sorrentino Downtown is where I first met both Joe as well as Lino.

                  We will have to drop in again but as you have warned as have others, we'll make reservations.

                  DeLuxe Burger Bar

                  I will be interested in what others have to say about this place. I have mixed feelings. We have been twice, the last time for a Sunday lunch two or three weeks ago.

                  I love the "look", particularly around the bar.

                  The burgers? I would say they are ok. My wife had their standard burger the last time and she was not overly impressed. I opted for the grilled chicken which was actual chicken breast and quite good.

                  I think their onion rings and fries served in the mini-shopping carts are quite good.

                  Back to the wife for a moment. She had one of Earl's [unfortunately where we end up more out of "default" than anything else] bigger better burgers for lunch last week and exclaimed, "now this is a burger".

                  I think DeLuxe has to do something but I am not sure just what. I understand they have picked a marketing niche so I do not expect they will expand the menu.

                  We had excellent service from a friendly young server and the manager was certainly on the bit going from table to table chatting with the apparent regulars and opening wine etc.

                  Sorry to hijack your thread. Look forward to reading what you try on your next visit to the 'Chuk.

                  1. re: Bob Mac


                    My take on Deluxe. The more i've been, the more i dislike it. I like the look. I love the cotton candy :) The fries are good. The burgers...meh. Very meh in fact. Dry, flavourless beef.

                    What's funny is, it is a complete copy (right down to the logo and the shopping carts) of the highly regarded, and infinitely better burger place, Delux Burger in Phoenix. I dont know if it is franchised out, but when i went to Delux (sans e) in March, they had no idea about any franchises. As far as they knew, they were one of a kind.


                    Im curious if the lux group completely ripped off the idea...

                    1. re: yen

             glad you tried some of my favorites! West Edmonton really is not the food wasteland I sometimes think it is. Sorry about your Jack's experience, I have always enjoyed our meals there.

                      Yen/ BM have either of you tried the deluxe blue cheese infused burger with the portobello mushroom on top? it is my favorite, it is always juicy and mouthwatering, I have not had the dry beef problem with it.

                      one of those few points where we disagree Yen ;)

                      1. re: cleopatra999

                        I have tried it. It's definitely juicy, but that's only because of the blue cheese, of which there isnt enough. The beef is still overly lean and dry.

                        Of course, we can't always agree :) But that's ok. If you are ever in Phoenix, give Delux a try, and you'll see what i mean about the differences between an ok burger, and a great burger. The 50 beers on tap don't hurt either :)

                      2. re: yen


                        Was not aware of the Phoenix "Delux"...sounds like your concluding observation is "spot on" and someone visiting decided to run with the concept. Might be tempted to give them the benefit of the doubt but the use of the mini-shopping carts seals it for me.

                        1. re: yen


                          LOL...if I had any doubt about the "ripped off the idea" suggestion, one quick glance at the web-site you provided for the Phoenix location eliminated that.

                          Wow...I hope they obtained or paid for permission because as you said, even down to the logo. Too bad they come off by comparision as the "poor Canadian cousin" to the American orginal.

                          The other menu is so much better and would have answered the question I was thinking to myself, "now that I have had this and that what else is there here to make me want to come back and try something else?".

                          Loved the expansive list of wheat beers...great for Phoenix and at least an Edmonton summer....from all over the place ... even Unibroue, Robert Charlebois' old brewery from Chambly, Quebec

                          1. re: Bob Mac

                            A morning person Bob!? Man... i thought i'd have nothing to read at this hour! :)

                            Anyway, regardless of whether they paid or didnt, i just wish they had done a faithful translation of the original. Better prices, better food, awesome beer selection.

                            I guess the quest for a great burger place is going to have to continue.

                            1. re: yen

                              have you had the burger at Suede lounge? it is probably my favorite in the city. unfortunately there is only one on the menu, so definitely not a burger joint.

                              1. re: cleopatra999


                                No I have not had the burger at the Suede Lounge.

                                In fact I have only been there the one time but despite an interesting menu I usually am "high tailing it out of "downtown" Dodge" after work so have missed out.

                                The past couple of weeks CHOP has had a duck quesidilla on their feature menu as an leg meat, goat cheese, red peppers and hoisin sauce within crisp seared pancakes...delicious there but did not "translate" when I tried to bring one home for my "significantly better half".

                                I think I saw that on the Suede menu as well but did not try it. I popped into Suede as I was waiting for that "miserable sonuvagun" [smile] at "La Shish" around the corner to cook up some chicken for me to bring home for a "vampire vanquishing" dinner...takes awhile to eliminate the garlic from that spot....

                              2. re: yen

                                LOL...that is what happens when one has two dogs whose "automatic alarm clocks" go off at 5:30 a.m. whether week-end or not...mind you if it was a work day I would feel like I couuld go back to sleep but it being the week-end when I can..of course I cannot.

                                Mind you just 20 minutes until the Manchester United and Chelsea games begin and I want to see them anyway...

                                Agree wholeheartedly that if DeLuxe had appropriated the Delux menu in its entirety it would be of more interest than the current version.

                                Need to pour some more coffee...