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May 3, 2008 08:05 AM

Maplewood Pizza in Nashua??

There was a review of Maplewood Pizza and Seafood in the Nashua Telegraph this week and it looked pretty good. Can anyone who has been there tell me if they have any healthy menu items? Or is it just pizza and fried things? TIA

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  1. It's basically battered fried fish and pizza, though they do offer salads. There's also another place across the plaza called Family Restaurant--started by a former employee of Maplewood--that coworkers swear is better.

    1. just a run o' the mill pizza joint..not sure what the fuss is about

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        The restaurant reviewer for the Telegraph routinely reviews chain restaurants and pizza places--she is not to be taken seriously. She once reviewed a place without eating her entree--she was too full from the appetizer so she took it home, reheated it, and based her review on that.