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May 3, 2008 07:52 AM

Lunch In Santa Clarita

On Mother's Day, of all days, I want to take my sister out to lunch in the Santa Clarita area. Is there anyplace that is not a chain? That has decent food?

Thankful, but not hopeful.

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  1. Oh there are places with far better than decent food in the SCV. Two that come to mind are The Vines at The Hyatt which is hosting a very nice Mother's Day Champagne Brunch (check their site or call to inquire about menu, always a well done affair). We have been there for regular Sunday brunches as well as for a Thanksgiving.. never a disappointment.

    There is a somewhat more casual spot called The Roast House which is a hidden little gem run by two brothers originally from Chicago who are very old school with their service.. Steaks, Seafood, I've not had a single item that wasn't fabulous and their creme brule is to die for - and I am a chocoholic! One of the owners, Michael, can often be found walking from table to table introducing himself and asking how everything is.. you just don't get that too often anymore. The food is amazing, they frequently have live entertainment ranging from Jazz to Rock to stuff in between.. a great bar, too.. it's a surprise located in a shopping center parking lot, but once you go you will be back again! Awesome place even for a non-special occasion.

    There are SO many other places in SVC that are fabulous.. just depends on what it is you're looking for. Good luck and I hope you find something that you both love!

    1. Don't they have a Chan Dara out that way? (Upscale but still comfy and delicious Thai.)

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        Chan Dara is Hollywood - Sorry not in S.C. I was eating at Chan Dara 20 yrs ago. Good to know it's still in business. For Paliman: If you want casual here's two suggestions. A favorite breakfast/brunch place is in Newhall - - very yummy!!! And, just recently I went to La Cocina and had excellent Mexican (see my post) Enjoy!! :)

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          There WAS a Chan Darette in the SCV on Seco Cyn. near Copper Hill Dr. It was replaced by an Italian place not too long ago.

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            And I would recommend that Italian place, Vivoli Cafe on Seco Canyon, which took over the space that was Chan Daretta. It is a chain but there is only two others, one in Hollywood and one in Mexico....I ate there for dinner and was surprised how good it was and how upscale the ambience was, especially for Santa Clarita. They probably have a special Mother's Day brunch as I know they regularly serve brunch on the weekends. Good luck!

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            There are several Chan Daras around town - Larchmont Village is a nice location for ambiance. The Chan Dara in Santa Clarita I meant is one that closed (technically Chan Daretta):
            We lost a Chan Darette in Marina del Rey some years back and I'm still bummed. We still go to Chan Dara West L.A. on Pico, never made it to the Hollywood one.

        2. You might want to read this post, plenty of recommendations.