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May 3, 2008 07:42 AM

What are the new cocktails trends for 2008

What are the new cocktails of the year- we have had our share of cosmo martini's, mojito's etc..... looking for some fresh new ideas- have any?

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  1. I'm gonna go with pomegranate anything. Down here in DC there are a few places capitalizing on house-infused spirits as well.

    1. Seems like rye whiskey and Sazerac cocktails (Sazerac is both a brand and a cocktail) are quite popular these days.

      1. This is an area I have been specializing in the past year or so. Having had over 70 different cocktails in NYC while doing research for a TV show I will be hosting, and writing articles the past week, I say: Rye has come back big, but that's old news. Also savory based cocktails that have herbs and spices in them like nutmeg (real old school) or rosemary. Flips, fizzes, and drinks with egg are real big, and real good. Some are going sweet, but most are going dry. While cocktails are going off in all directions, spins on 1800's style cocktails are the trend. No ifs, ands, or buts. And I like it.

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          I agree. Vintage cocktails, house-made bitters, etc. seem to be gaining even more popularity.

          It's fun to drink something my grandfather slugged down in years past...

        2. Asian inspired seems to be big. Shiso leaf for muddling; exotic fruits (mangosteen, guava, passion fruit); teas used in combo with spirit (brewed) or infused into spirits. I like JMF's mention of 'savory' flavors, and inclusions of eggs, flips, etc. Variations of Pisco Sours have popped up places I've been. How about Cachaca...I think it's the next tequila - not just in caipirinhas... The stuff is good, it just needs some finesse to work it into the right recipe.

          1. Not emerging, but still popular: House-infused liquors can be amazing. The vanilla tea-infused Makers Mark I had recently blew me away.