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May 3, 2008 06:43 AM

Union square Greenmarket--need some inspiration!

I have been a greenmarket fan for a good 10 years, and now that local stuff is coming in I want to branch out and try some new vendors. I get great lamb from 3 corners farm, eggs from Violet Hill, asparagus from cherry lane, greens from Windfall Farms, chesse from Cato--what GREAT things am I missing out on??

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  1. Hopefully you're getting some pork from Flying Pig Farms too. Their bacon is fantastic. I recently tried their bacon that is made from pork shoulder rather than belly and its great. A little meatier and more jerky like but with the same "regular" bacon taste. Also, its too early in the season, but Ted Blew has an amazing variety of hot peppers come July/August. My favorites are all the varieties of habaneros (de-seed and finely mince 1/2 to 1 habanero and add to your farm fresh scrambled eggs) and hot wax peppers.

    Another good source is Lucy's greenmarket report. She reports on whats available almost every day. If you search for "Lucy's Greenmarket" on google you should find her blog.

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      Ted Blew's peppers are great. Eckerton Farm also has wonderful peppers in season, along with excellent heirloom tomatoes. Ted Blew was one of the first to bring in heirloom tomatoes and continues to bring ready to eat varieties that are delicious -- in season. Mountain Sweet Berry and Northshire have San Marzano tomatoes in season -- excellent sauce tomatoes.

    2. Don't know how seasonal it is, but I bought some of the best duck breasts I've ever had from Quattro farms a couple of weeks ago. I also like their duck and pheasant eggs. I also buy cheese from 3 corners farm, but I gather they won't be back until June. Berkshire Berries - Golden Berry Raspberry jam, horse radish jelly, pepper jellies. Today I didn't buy much - ramps and chives from the vendor that sells all the tiny varities of potatoes (east side of western "aisle"), herbs from various vendors, organic radishes, v. expensive baby greens, I think that's about it. I still have some of that beautiful asparagus from last week. I decided to go without an apple cider donut this week!