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May 3, 2008 12:30 AM

Where are you taking your mom.... for Mom's Day?

Where do you take your mom, wife, sister....for Mom's Day? How do you celebrate?

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  1. Hi:

    A discussion of where you are eating out in the Los Angeles area on Mother's Day is fine, but general discussions about what people are doing and how they celebrate is off topic for our boards. If you want to discuss cooking at home on Mother's Day, please start a thread on the Home Cooking board.

    Thanks for helping us keep the focus here on LA area chow!

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      I do mean to get ideas of restaurants people take their "moms" to as I'm trying to find a new place to take mine.

    2. Mom's going to be out of town, but I'll be with dad, stepmom (78 y.o.) and grandmother (92 y.o.). After Reprise at UCLA, we'll be heading to The Galley. Last year (also after Reprise) it was Bandera. Nothing too fancy but we like each other's company. Stepmom enjoys a good cocktail and steamed clams.

      1. Nowhere near a restaurant, that's for sure. Worst day of the year (followed closely by the dreaded Valentine's Day) in the restaurant business. From working my share in my younger days, I just can't do it...

        We have Ma over and we cook. Maybe rent a movie, spend some quality time together.