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May 2, 2008 08:25 PM

Phx-Scottsdale brunch - Over Easy?

I didn't have much luck with my earlier question about brunch ideas, so here's something more specific:

Anyone been to breakfast/brunch at Over Easy on 40th?

Just looking for some good-quality American. Had a dreadful brunch at Ranch House Grill on Thomas the other day.

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  1. I would say Overeasy qualifies as good American - I like it a lot, and am glad to have it in the neighborhood where I can sneak in when it's not crowded mid-week. The brioche is very good as is the chicken fried steak (not nearly the portion as RHG) and they make a good cup of coffee.

    What did you not like about Ranch House Grill? I will admit, my few attempts to stray from the CFS w/green chili verde were met with mediocre results.

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      Starving when I showed up at the Ranch House Grill, despite being sort of put off by the room (a bit reminiscent of JP Pancake), I went for broke and ordered French toast and eggs and sausage. I suppose I think of French toast as something that a restaurant can really shine at, without spending much more money, but it was flat and dull. It also occurred to me that it takes very little effort or imagination to liven up a plate with an orange slice or something. Neither maple syrup, nor any fruity variation. But what irked me most was that, although there's a warning on the menu about the dangers of raw eggs, my fried eggs were underdone - I mean the whites inside were clear. What was even worse was, when I mentioned it to the waitress afterward, instead of either being apologetic or saying the standard thank-you-for-telling-me, she started to lecture me about how it was my fault for the way I ordered. I guess they expect you to specify that you'd prefer not to have your fried eggs partly raw.

      Hence, my grouchiness. I hope to try Over Easy, though.

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        I've not tried overeasy, but from what I've been able to glean of your breakfast interests, I wonder whether I may venture to suggest Arcadia Farms for brunch... I went for lunch (seduced by the promise of organic, free range, sustainable ingredients) and was totally charmed by the Scottsdale cafe.

        The atmosphere is country-chic and adorably eclectic (which is normally not my style for decor, but was really charming) and the patio is fabulous. The restaurant is actually pretty big, too, making getting in and getting fed very easy.

        I loved my meal, as did my dining partner. And the coffee was terrific (tasted like a well-brewed, strong columbian blend). So was the dessert.

        I can't imagine that they would mess up breakfast, seeing that lunch was fabulous.

        1. re: Fida

          Ranch House Grill is a local joint with great chicken fried steak and low prices, but sometimes slow service and horrible decor as you pointed out. We like it a lot, but we're in the neighborhood and probably wouldn't drive more than a few miles (except for the CFS) for it.

          Overeasy focuses on more quality ingredients w/better execution, and it's reflected in the prices.

          For a very good a la carte burnch w/great views, I would suggest elements @ Sanctuary Resort in Paradise Valley.

          1. re: azhotdish

            Also T Cooks at the Royal Palms for a more elegant ambiance.

            Brunch menu:


      2. Can't really go wrong with Over Easy.

        How can you beat chicken fried steak, gravy and a fried egg all mixed together?

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        1. re: ipsedixit

          Sign me up... I haven't seen a good southern style breakfast in ages... Do they serve biscuits too? And are they good? If not, who has *good* southern-style biscuits? (I've heard Lolo's bouncing around, but haven't been yet)

          1. re: oryza

            I don't think Over Easy has biscuits (at least none that I recall seeing).

        2. Thank you, people. Sorry, but it's hard for me to get to this site since they started forcing sign-ins.

          Thanks, Oryza, for reminding me about Arcadia Farms. I discovered that they moved since the last time I was there, and although they've gotten a bit more upscale, I'll keep it in mind. TastyJon, I really LOVE T Cooks. I've been there and would go constantly if it weren't so pricey. But what a marvelous place, with that decor.

          Meanwhile, finally coerced someone into brunch at Over Easy. A little too noisy, but mostly delightful. Pleasant menu, inexpensive, cheery staff. Really enjoyed it.