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May 2, 2008 07:52 PM

Sunday brunch in San Diego with an ocean view?

We have a large graduation brunch to plan for 15 adults in La Jolla in mid-June. We would really like an ocean view, but unfortunately the Marine Room isn't serving at 2:15 pm. What would you suggest? Preferably convenient to UCSD. Thanks!

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  1. try Trattoria Aqua. Some of the tables have ocean view.

    1. The Shores restaurant at the old Sea Lodge (now La Jolla Shores Hotel) has a great view. Right at La Jolla Shores between the Marine Room and the Shores parking lot.

      1. Azul in La Jolla serves a pretty nice plated brunch - it's not a buffet though.

        1. I would do either the Shores restaurant (sister restaurant of the Marine Room) or Clay's at the top of Hotel La Jolla..
          Crab Catcher or Trattoria Acqua is another option..
          You need to book soon..things book up really fast and hope it's not the same time as the US Open.