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May 2, 2008 07:18 PM

Late Night San Diego?

Hi All,

I searched the board and didn't find any threads on late night dining in SD. I am new to the area and need places to eat late. My friend is flying in tonight around 9:30 and we want to eat around 10.

I already know of Modus, Cafe Chloe, and City Deli.

What else is there?


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  1. Studio Diner in Kearny Mesa is 24 hour. It is a big step up from other San Diego 24 hour options. Try the Maine style lobster roll, or the deep fried Ipswich whole belly clams. I have also been told they make a mean Monte Cristo. This is my most current review.

    1. Third Corner in Ocean Beach serves food until 2 am. Rudford's on El Cajon is open all night.

      1. Neighborhood, its at about 7th & G

        1. Brians American Eatery in Hillcrest is the bomb!! It's on Washington and Normal Sts. I believe its open 24 hrs on the weekend, has a huge menu and also serves cocktails. What more could you ask for. Ate at Rudford's once. Wasn't impressed.

          1. If you like asian food Tajima ramen house on Convoy is open late (I think until midnight). There's also Emerald (cantonese seafood) which has a late night menu as well.

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              Tajima's actually open till like 3 on the weekends.

              I think there was a post about late night food not too long ago here. Maybe in early April.