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May 2, 2008 06:54 PM

Pizza Loolu Rte 35 Hazlet, NJ (Buffet)

Tried out the new pizza shop that replaced the old Triolgy pizza place on Rte 35 in Hazlet, NJ.

Pizza Loolu is a buffet! For $5.99 you get all you can eat salad, pizza, pasta & dessert.

Salad bar was a nice selection of spring mix, and various veggie toppings.
Couple different types of pasta with a very tasty homemade red sauce.
About a dozen kinds of thin crust pizza- loved everything we tried: white, buffalo chicken, eggplant/whole wheat, pepperoni, sausage. The crust was nice & thin and crispy.
Dessert was rice krispie treats, brownies (yum!), jello and muffins.

I highly recommend this place. Ingredients were fresh & tasty, and you can't beat the price. The staff was very accommodating & friendly.

They also have a take-out/non-buffet menu including wings and paninis.

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  1. Props to Pizza Loolu for moving in. Unfortunately, that small strip mall and specific location have been a revolving door. My neighbors daughter had a small party (17 year olds) there and raved about the pizza. I haven't been myself.

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      Actually, Trilogy survived there much longer than any other place. I remember the revolving door of $5.99 pies-on-Monday places.

      But the pizza buffet is a great idea.

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        Funny aach, I thought the mexican resto was there longer.

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          Yes, LOVE the pizza buffet idea. We've been itching for a Cici's to come into the area, but the pizza at Loolus is way better.

      2. What shopping center is this in? Which side of Rt. 35 between what streets?


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          Northbound lane of Rt. 35 just past Costco. Pizza Loolu is set in the back; a row of several businesses. When you begin to pull into the driveway you'll see it straight ahead on the right side.

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          1. A group of us went (5 adults and 5 children - all 4 and under). I was pleasantly suprised! The food was impressive, the staff was friendly and always willing to help! You can't beat 3.99 for the kids - We could pay more for a value meal at McDonalds! I will be recommending Pizza Loola to everyone!

            1. I took an 8 year old (daughter of a friend) here last night. Totally love this idea! The food certainly isn't gourmet, but for the price you just cannot beat it. I am lactose intolerant, so I had to fill up on salad and pasta, but for the price, it was still worth it. They had these little "hush puppie" type potato balls that were good.

              The kid said the pizza was pretty good. There were several different types of pies, and they offered that if you didn't see it on the buffet, they would make it! We were both especially thrilled with the dessert selections: mini muffins, rice krispie treats, fudge brownies, and jello in an assortment of colors. My only complaint was that there were no breadsticks or rolls available. Would have been nice to have with the pasta.

              In any case, it was a cost-effective dinner. 2 buffets (1 Adult + 1 Kid), 2 fountain drinks (free refills) = under $15! I highly recommend it!