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May 2, 2008 06:23 PM

Real BBQ-San Diego

I know there have been some posts on this in the past, but most of the places people were recommending seem to be closed now...I am new to SD and looking for some BBQ that is really smoked (I hear Phil's parboils and only grills the meat for a few minutes to finish it) Does anyone have any recommendations for BBQ that is really smoked? Also, if they have a selection of bourbon that is the quintessential drink for BBQ (in my opinion) Thanks everyone!

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  1. West Coast BBQ in La Mesa smokes and there is a discernible smoke ring on their product. No bourbon there.

    1. Don't get your expectations up to high in SD, you're in the wrong neck of the woods!Agree with DD on WCBBQ is OK. You should begin to acquire a taste for tacos.

      1. Brett's Bbq smokes their meat. Their original location is in 4S Ranch, which I believe is somewhere near Rancho Bernardo. A 2nd location just opened a few days ago in Encinitas. As I live nearby, I gave it a try for lunch.

        I ordered the beef brisket sandwich with a side order of sweet potato fries (one side order is included with the sandwich). I found the brisket to be pretty good, with a definite smoke flavor.

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          Hey, good to know, Encinitan! We were thinking about giving Brett's a try tonight. I'll report back.

        2. I know my expectations are not too high, and I do love mexican too...I just can't deny my love for bbq...thanks for the recommendations guys! Keep em coming!

          1. We like Abby's Texas BBQ on Miramar Rd. Real smoked meat, even hot links although the sides are kind of a waste.

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              There's also an Abby's (abbeys?) on Clairemont Mesa... are these the same but at multiple locations?

              I found the CM one to be pretty good... never tried the mirimar one.

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                The Clairemont Mesa location is the same owner as the one in Miramar, but all the meat is prepped at Miramar and delivered to the other locations.