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May 2, 2008 06:21 PM

delivery: queen + spadina

about a month ago i broke my ankle. having lived in this area for several years i almost never do delivery. i much prefer to eat out or takeout from the myriad of choices nearby. but now that i'm stuck with crutches and a cast, and weary of constantly depending on friends and family, i'm at a loss for good delivery options. i'm not interested in chains, so-so pizza, or springrolls.

regular haunts that i'm missing include gandhi, new york sub, johny banana, king's noodle, ka chi, chinese traditional, etc. fortunately, i just discovered that albert's delivers. this was a revelation!

so, can anyone help out a wounded 'hound? does any place in chinatown deliver? any good luck with indian? churasco?


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    1. re: robgm

      i'm familiar with the prices of eating in/takeout of many of the places listed. there's quite a premium for ordering through them.

      after digging the forum, i found out about coco rice for thai. i have never eaten there, so gave delivery a shot. the service was pretty quick, but the food was very mediocre. for pizza, i discovered pizza rustica. the menu seemed promising: thin crust, nice toppings, etc. ordered their house pizza and it was okay. certainly better than mama's and other chains, but not close to terroni which was what i was hoping. a weird thing is their crust is unusually yellow and a bit crumbly, but tastes okay.

      any other suggestions? i guess i'll be ordering lots of swiss chalet until i'm back on my two feet.

    2. delivers. Great service and free delivery 5:30-9pm if you order $25. You could probably feed yourself for a few days for $25.

      1. It's not Indian or churasco or Chinatown, but One of a Kind (Pasta and Grill) delivers and has a fairly varied but reliable Italian menu. Their spaghetti bolognese is one of my favourite cheap comfort foods (usually pretty salty! but quite good) and for $6.95 is often enough for me for two meals: $2 delivery charge for orders over $25, $3 for orders under $25.

        Hope you heal up quickly!

        One Of A Kind Pasta
        746 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J1E9, CA

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        1. re: Manybears

          I second One of a kind's meat sauce. I dont know what is in it, but it is very good for that price.

        2. Oh you poor thing. I hope you will heal speedily.
          There are great bites around that area:
          1. Hosu on Queen E - delivers to your area. Their bentos are pretty generous.
          2. Little India on Queen and Duncan - my favorite indian place. Their delivery is not as good as dine-in experience, but it is still better than most from my experiences. They charge extra for delivery, however.
          3. Baldwin Palace on baldwin - great chinese delivery. they also have a big selection of vegetarian selection.
          4. Jun Jun Sushi on College - soso food. but cheap and fast delivery.

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          1. re: happycamper

            My office is in the area and we order Little India every other week with ablolutely no complaints.