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My husband wants to go out for a great steak dinner for his birthday. We've been to Barclay Prime, The Palm, Ruth's Chris, & Prime Rib. Where would you go? I've heard good things about Flemings. How about Capital Grille? Thank you!

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    1. Capital Grille and Flemings in that order.

      1. We love Brandywine Prime, their aged new york strip is phenominal/ excellent. Plus they have lots of other great dishes

        1. I've been to all of the steakhouses several times and Capital Grille is still my favorite. The porcini rubbed ribeye is probably the best steak I've had anywhere. Don't miss the Calamari and the lobster mac 'n cheese as well.

          Fleming's is my default restaurant for business dinners because it is right next door to my office. The lobster tempura appetizer there is amazing as well as their chocolate lava cake. The meat is geat but I think Capital Grille is a notch above the competition.

          I was just at the Palm a few days ago and while it is good, it wasn't too memorable.

          1. Thank you so much. I got reservations at Capital Grille. The lobster and mac sounds amazing. Thanks again!

            1. 7stars inn for the prime rib...1 try and you'll know what we mean

              1. I know you aren't going to be happy to hear this....but dinner wasn't great. I really wanted it to be great because it was my husband's birthday, but it wasn't. Maybe it was an off night...

                We split a wedge salad with blue cheese dressing and a shrimp cocktail. The dressing was rather thin without a lot of tang or chunks of blue cheese. The shrimp cocktail was good with a great coctail sauce.

                Our steaks were good....but honestly not much better then what we grill at home and certainly not even close to Barclay Prime. The much touted lobster mac was dry and the creamed spinach didn't have a lot of flavor. They weren't inedible...just not great. And I guess for that amount of money...and that amount of cholesterol....it really should be great. The service was very good and boy were they jamming in there...but we won't be going back.

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                    Sorry to hear that too. Next time try Morton's.