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May 2, 2008 05:49 PM

Ghenet Park Slope: a brief review

I visited Ghenet, the new Ethiopian restaurant on 4th Avenue, earlier this week. The space is small but attractive and cleverly designed. It has a small bar and is packed with tables - seating varies between a padded bench replete with pillows and small Ethiopian (?) backless stools - definitely try for the bench!

Anyway, we started with cocktails. I have to say that the cocktails I sampled were fabulous. The pear martini was made with very fresh juice and was actually a bit tart, not the saccharine mess I expected. A lemon-y martini was even tarter and would have tasted great over ice.

We had the samplers - I had the doro wett, a mild stew with a chicken leg and a hard-boiled egg in its midsts, along with collard greens (gomen?) and a really tasty cabbage/potato combo. A side of lentils came along as well. Injera was provided and replaced as necessary. Everything was really tasty and I found the 17 dollar sample very filling. Service was attentive and sweet. The only weird thing - no napkins, and no wet naps at the beginning ( as we were all eating with our hands and sharing) - we all had to run to the bathroom to wash our hands. Suggest you BYO Purell or ask for wet naps at the beginning of the meal.

We did not order dessert (the dessert menu is perfunctory) and were served tasty and warming spice tea at the end of the meal.

I found Ghenet to be a very good restaurant - tasty food, charming service and wonderful drinks at a reasonable price. I will happily return.

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  1. We went last weekend and really liked it as well. We got wet naps in the beginning of the meal and the end of the meal. Maybe they ran out when you went.

    1. Are the prices the same as the Manhattan branch? I've always found the Manhattan branch reasonably priced too -- but it would be awesome if the brooklyn one were cheaper.

      1. Finally went to this place tonight. I've been a fan of the Manhattan location for years, and I think the food here is just as good -- delicious. Prices are the same, atmosphere actually seems a bit more chic. We also got wet naps at the beginning and end of the meal.

        If you like really spicy food, get the kategna appetizer -- it's injera spiced with berbere powder and topped with a fluffy white cheese. Definitely recommended.

        1. Does anyone know if they have vegetarian or seafood options?

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            Vegetarian, yes. Seafood, no. Here's the menu. It is the same as the Manhattan spot:


          2. Wow, great news. I'm surprised the doro wat was mild, it's usually very spicy. Thanks eeee. I'm always happy to find a good option for that includes something good for my veg husband.