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May 2, 2008 05:33 PM

Crush wine bar--Gee I hope it's an improvement

I read today that the Crush wine bar has re-opened as a "pub" , but no darts or the like.
I hope its an improvement since I went for dinner there about a month ago.

The wine is great by the glass, and I enjoyed every one....well three. So the wine is not a prob.

Do not expect a warm and gracious experience. Expect rushed, with surly waiters who think they know it all.
The food is no star that's for sure. I had Hawaiian fish and my friend had the buffalo steak.
Both were not spectacular at all....despite the price.

Stick to the wine....order food elsewhere.

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  1. Well Pub is better than another medicore king street establishment. The food was poor to say the least...

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      Just curious, was it super loud in there still?

      I had a casual business meeting at Crush in the late afternoon. Wasn't very crowded. But there were some small, loudish groups in the opposite corners. The sound was bouncing off the bricks and it was super tricky to talk and hear each other.

    2. just a quick update... couldn't find a more recent thread....

      dropped in very late early in the week and no surprised... dining room empty. seems that some people were making it out to the patio but what i assume is a new feature kept us at the bar.

      blind wine tasting... and if you guess it right, you get it free!

      we enjoyed some time at the bar with a couple glasses of wine (suffice it to say much better than my last experience) and tried out the blind tasting to very poor success. our bartender/sommelier was excellent though at trying to get us to draw out some conclusions and listen to our own intuition. had the lime marscapone coconut something or other cake (unexpectedly cheesecake) but it was very tasty and stunningly presented (do they dedicate someone in the kitchen to organizing the raspberries by increasing size??) though expensive ($11).

      very lovely pour of the mcauslan in that it just tasted amazing as quoted by one of my beer obsessed dining partners.

      noticed the menu for dinner didn't seem any different than before but the bar area had a more pubbish atmosphere and menu to match. at $9 for fish and chips, we're rivalling chippy's here. i'm tempted to go back for welsh rarebit, cheese and pork pie.

      don't particularly like the reno and didn't really particularly like the first incarnation. but the service was excellent and i'm distraught that i didn't leave more tip as i left second guessing myself because it was so extraordinary to have been treated so well in toronto.