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May 2, 2008 04:41 PM

San Miguel de Allende

Any restaurant tips for San Miguel? (I know,,,it's touristy). I have visited Mexico many times, and really love the food, in any incarnation. So long as it's not Sanborns. Thanks

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  1. Hi

    San Miguelhas some truely great restaurants that cover a wide range of prices. Two of my favorites are (1) Restaurante Da Andrea and (2) La Posadita. Da Andrea is located outide the Centro area of San Miguel. It is about a 15 minute taxi ride. It is located in an old hacienda that has a beautiful patio to dine on. The food is Italian and it is really fantastic. I would rate it as the best restaurant in San Miguel. The waiters just recite the menu to you as it changes almost daily. Try one of their seafood salads to start and then share an order of their fabulous home made ravioli. Every main course I have ever had there has been very good too. This restaurant is probably one of the most expensive places in San Miguel but I cannot recommend it strongly enough. Don't miss it. You find it listed in any of the guide books but I am sure your hotel can get the telephone number. Reservations are a must. La Posidita on the other hand is great little Mexican place right in Centro. They feature roof top dining that has one of the best views in the city. They serve very standard Mexican fare but done extremely well. They also make a damn good Margarita. Try the Pozole or the enchiladas. You won't be disappointed. The food is great, the prices are very reasonable and views can't be beat.

    1. Hi

      Here is some more information on Restaurante Da Andrea. For visitors it is rather hard to find so this should help you.

      From Centro take the Salida a Queretaro out past the La Luciernega/Gigante glorieta, the one with Allende on horseback statue, and continue to the next glorieta with the statues of the four heroes.

      Go around 3/4 of the way so you are going left on the way to Doctor Mora. After about 2 kilometers start looking for the signs for Hacienda Landeta and Restaurante da Andrea.

      The hours are 1 to 11 pm Thursdays through Sundays, and you definitely want reservations at 120-3481. (If you're calling from the US dial 01152 415-120-3481.)

      We've never eaten there, though we go to the Hacienda for Mosqueta's annual appliances and furniture sale. I know it is very expensive, at least for SMA gourmet places, and most people think it is excellent. Many say it is the best in SMA.

      We've never taken a cab there--I'm making a wild guess that it will be under 100 pesos, $10. After 10 it's a bit more, and if the restaurant calls a cab for you for the return it will be double.

      The other restaurant that many people say is the best in SMA is Andanza at Hospicio 35, part of the Casa de Sierra Nevada. Check out their menus at

      1. There is a really great cocina that features shrimp cocktail on the road to the Aurora Shopping Center. I think it might be H. Marcias. You should really seek it out as it was truly outstanding. It is widely known in the area. Sorry for the lack of details.

        Overall, I was pleasant surprised that the food in SMA turned out to be pretty good.

        1. One more thing. Flor de Lis, the great DF tamale restaurant, now has a location in SMA.

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            magfoodguy... Do yo know the name or location of the Flor de Lis tamale place in SMA. I haven't been able to find anything by this name here.

            Barba Roja

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              Zacateros #79 San MIguel de Allende

              I hope it is still there!

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