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May 2, 2008 04:11 PM

Dosa's in Manchester

Just got back from a meal at the Punjab on Manchesters curry mile. It's down what I call the 'bottom' of the curry mile, away from central Manchester near to Hardys Well Pub.

They have a variety of dosas, and apparently also specialize in more 'traditional' Indian foods.

The only place I have seen in Manchester that does Dosa's


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  1. A second vote for the dosas at the Punjab. Havnt been for about 18 months - good to know they're still up to the mark.

    I'm pretty sure that you're right in saying nowhere else on "the mile" does them.

    What else did you eat?


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      I started off with the usual popadoms and chutneys, popadoms were nice and crisp. The chutneys were mango, onion, raita and a brown one which I had never seen before. Thankfully there was no lime pickle (sorry, but it does doesn't appeal to me)

      Then I had my Dosa, I went for the Masala Dosa, which is the potato based one. Nice and large, must be 100cm wide, slightly crispy at the edges and with a reasonable portion of filling in the middle. There was 2 sides with it, a coconut chutney affair, and a vegetable paste.

      For mains I went for a mixed dish, I can't remmeber the name but I remember commenting that it sounded like a Bhangra record. It was something like funky masalla mix...

      It was a mixture of various tikka meats (lamb, chicken, shami kebab) in a tomato based sauce. It was a little too hot for my liking, it also bizarrely included some pasta tubes in the sauce!! I wouldn't order it again anyway. I think I will be trying out the Punjab's extensive vegetarian menu, which seems to get good reviews.

      1. re: portseven

        Update, I now remember the dish I had, it's called

        Punjab Special Tawamix

        Strange name!