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May 2, 2008 04:01 PM

The House of Dosas -- Vancouver, South Indian Dosas, Pictures

Lunch today at the House of Dosas where they make South Indian food at great prices. The specialty are their Dosas run between $7 to $12. Chef Specials run around $13 per...I'm not sure what they come with. I'll have to order one of them next time I come here.

There is an excellent selection of fillings with a variety of bases - Vegetables, Aloo Gobi, Paneer, Chicken, Beef, Prawn, Fish and Lamb. Examples - their popular Masala Dosa (vegetable filling), Palak Paneer, Prawn Vindaloo, Chicken Masala.. The fillings we ordered were all very tasty....and "hot" actually really does mean "hot".

The Dosas come with two types of cocunut chutney and a dahl for dipping. Lassis (I had the Mango) are $2.50....not the best I have had, but just the ticket to cut the chili heat.

The service was fast and attentive. We were in and out of there in about 35 minutes.
We did have a minor confusion about heat levels - the chef came out to apologize and offered to make us another one.

Definitely worth the trip.

House Of Dosas
1391 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5V3E3, CA

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  1. biggest challenge for me for this place is it actually being open

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    1. re: vandan

      The one time we went (six months ago?) the food was good but the service was agonizingly slow. We were seated just after a very large group but were the only other table. Kinda put me off a bit from returning...

      1. re: grayelf

        I have heard that service could be a problem with HOD, but I have never experienced this. We did have a server who was a Mexican ESL Student and barely spoke English...hence the misunderstanding about the chili-heat level for one of our party.

        Also because of the nature of dosa - in particular the cooking method which requires a large amount of griddle real estate - you do often have to wait a while until your dosa is actually on the griddle. You may have had bad luck with timing. I have had this experience particular at dosa and okonomiyaki restaurants.

        1. re: fmed

          Good point -- will try again but maybe not if there's a big group in the room :-).

      2. re: vandan

        shouldn't be a problem at this time as they are now open 24- 7 !!!

        just came from quaffing back 2 mammoth dosas- one a spicy eggplant, the other mixed vegetables. both were superb.

        oh, and guess how much i spent for the two of them ? 12 bucks- because on monday all dosas at HOD are 1/2 price !

      3. I've had good as well as slow service here, but the dosas are the best I've had in Vancouver.

        1. I guess the big question is, what is better - House of Dosa, or Saravaana Bhavan?

          Last year I was living in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and had dosas on the daily. Saravaana Bhavan was a huge chain there, and very well respected as a clean and consistent place to eat. I've been to the one here 5 times since its opened. Their food is almost exactly the same as it was in South India.

          I am going to take a trip to House Of Dosa as soon as I can, for comparative purposes.

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          1. re: gelfball

            I would classify HOD as "fast food dosa". I have had better dosa at Delhi Darbar (Main St - I believe it is closed) for example...but I have different expectations of the two. I have not yet been to Saravaana Bhavan....but I am looking forward to it.

            1. re: fmed

              ate there again last night. damn, it is SO GOOD! takes me right back to Chennai; this place if freakin legit. i would recommend getting the 'special meal' at dinner or lunch if you want to get a good variety taster/sampler of regional flavours.

              the only thing that's a bit different is the way it is served - not on a banana leaf. which i am sure are very difficult to find / expensive in the west. Usually at a place like Saravaana Bhavan in south India, a banana leaf would be unfolded in front of you, and unlimited rice is served from a giant bucket. you can always ask for more. then most of the vegetables are served in the same style - a boy will come by the table with a big bucket of spinach/greens and scoop them onto your banana leaf. then some other accoutrements are brought in the little mini metal tiffin dishes, like the curd and the buttermilk and the rasam and sambar.


              1. re: gelfball

                Thanks for the confirmation gelfball - the last time I was in South India was about 10 years ago now. So my concept of what Dosa should be like is formed by my more recent experiences here in Vancouver.

                It's good to know that HOD serves up the real deal.

                1. re: fmed

                  I think gelfball was referring to Saravaana Bhavan, not HOD...
                  I too am curious about the comparison when gelfball gets around to HOD.

                  1. re: twinkienic

                    Ah. I stand corrected. I still have to make it out to SB.

                    1. re: fmed

                      sorry for the miscommunication. yes, twinkienic was right, i was referring to Saravanaa Bhavan. haven't made it to HOD yet, but i should just to post back here.

                      i was living in chennai last year, and i am seriously considering moving back there for the food. okay maybe not in the summer ;)